Release Friday – Orc Buildinz & Heroes

This Friday it is time to take a look at some terrain with questionable health and safety regulations on its construction, Orc stuff!

We are adding to our selection of Orc scenery this week and releasing some new fantasy Heroes.

With a few big kits on the slate, let me give you a bit more information about each one.

Orc Zzzap Tower

At over 30cm high, this tower has three split layers to shoot from! Its base is designed with the other kits in mind and can be connected to the platforms in the Orc sector and Mega bunker, allowing it to be a part of a much larger Orc fortification.

This kit retails for £16.

Orc Sektor

A six piece kit with a variety of ways to assemble, the Sektor is a great purchase to provide terrain for any team based skirmish games about killing.

With a modular design, the L sections can combine with each other, the central platform and the existing Orc wall sections.

The Orc Sector sells for £16.

Orc Mega Bunker

This set is exactly as described. Mega.

Eight corners, three platforms and three barricades. This kit raises up the included orc sector quite literally to new heights.

You can spread this kit out across a board or go up and build tall. Either layout can still be connected to the existing orc stronghold.

The full set is on sale for £28.

As you can see here, the new terrain fills up a board nicely and can be set up differently every game.

If you like the look of these and want to see more of the Orc range, you can find our new Orc releases, as well as all our existing Orc buildings, on our website here.

Now on to this weeks Fantasy Heroes!

Genie Warriors

Be careful what you wish for as these Genies mean business. Are they carrying lamps around with more Genies in them and do those Genies have lamps?? So many questions. These are perfect for any tabletop RPG game or desert themed army.

A set of three Genies are just £12.

Swamp Golems

Do you like swamps? Do you like Golems? well have we got the miniatures for you! One even has branches in its back! These are a great addition to any monstrous army or tabletop RPG game.

Swamp Golems come in a pack of three for £20.

Giant Beetles

If you like creepy crawlies these are perfect for you, and if you don’t you can paint them to make them cuter! The Giant Beetles are ideal if you’re looking at a bug or even woodland themed army. They would also work in any tabletop RPG game.

The Giant Beetles come in threes for only £12.

These new models are available in in our fantasy heroes range along with all the other previously released models.

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