Monday Motivation: Scarlet Scourge Fleet

You know what Monday means? Monday Motivation!

This week we are showing off an incredibly painted Scourge collection for Dropfleet Commander by Karl May.

This Scourge Fleet from Karl is great, especially when you look at the level of detail! Karl has done an amazing job painting these ships and picked up on so many little details.

Karl’s paintwork exceeds tabletop worthiness with a clear colour scheme applied to all ships. I do really like the smaller Frigates and Hunter-Killer’s whose fins and weapons are striking.

The central pieces of Karl’s forces are the Nosferatu and its Cthulu variant, with it’s 225mm vibrant tentacles it should never use  stealth systems to hide again so the UCM can gaze upon them and tremble.

Keep up the great work Karl! If you have a project you want to start or add to your table top setup, make sure you head over to the TTCombat store for the a wide range of miniatures and scenery. If you have anything of ours that you’d like to see featured as a Monday Motivation post, send us some photos to


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