Monday Motivation – The Scarlet Scourge Strikes Back

We’re going to be kicking this week off in the traditional fashion with an article dedicated to our Community.

This week however we’re gonna do something a little different. Why? Because the Scarlet Scourge Strikes Back! Sounds like a movie doesn’t it. I did think of going with 2 Scourge 2 Scarlet but that wasn’t spacey enough.

Last year we had a Monday Motivation brought to us by Karl and his Scourge fleet. Well, Karl’s been back in touch with us and the Scourge has infested some new hosts. The gleet has grown rapidly.

As you can see Karl has been a busy boy. Eagled-eyed readers will recognise the iconic Nosferatu dominating the airspace whilst you may remember his smaller Frigates. But how the fleet has grown!

Shedu Monitors, a Dragon Battleship, Nickar class hunter-killers, and more Frigates have joined the battle for the parasitic lifeforms. But whilst I do like the sound of my own voice, Karl can describe his work best:

”I went with a deep red which fades to black at the spines with a metalic sky blue trim and purple energy for the oculus weapons and thrusters.  It’s fully assembled and ready for war including the spire and a few sectors painted in fleet colours.  The entire force is fully magnetized to run any weapons option and the dreadnought has been modified to be flipped for either variant.  The Nickars have also been scratch built using the light cruiser bits and the frigate attachments for the scylla.  They definitely have the fierce waspy look.  The cruisers were tricky with a stack of magnets internally to swap out weapon pods, a chin mount including a hydra, or a cloaking crest for the heavy version”.

Additionally, whilst I love Karl’s fleet and how uniform all the ships look, the Occupied New York Sector 2021 Event Exclusive is my favourite part. Something about the Scarlet buildings and towering Tartarus just looks sinister.

Thanks for sharing this with us Karl!

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