New Intergalactic & Earthly Releases

Another working week is drawing to an end so we’d best cover the new releases hitting the TTCombat store! So if you’re a Dropfleet Commander or MDF City Streets fan then today is your lucky day.

We’ve been teasing this for some time now and thankfully the galaxy is about to get safer. Well, this is dependant upon not being a parasitic Scourge.  The PHR and Shaltari are launching their very own Space Stations.

PHR Space Station

Whilst I doubt we’ll ever get a look at the Post Human Republic homeworlds, this feat of engineering is proof that the PHR intend to stay. This deadly floating fortress is covered in sleek armour, and the elegant look isn’t just for show : this station has two playable variants. Capable of being deployed as either the Defence Halo or Orbital Spire it doesn’t really matter which option you pick; the Quad Supernova Laser or a set of Neutron Missiles are equally deadly.

Space Stations are an integral part to many of Dropfleet Scenarios so we would highly recommend expanding your collection today for £18.

Shaltari Space Station

SPIKY BITS EVERYWHERE! Well some here and there but we’d be disappointed in the ancient architects if they ever changed. This set makes either the heavily armed Shuriken Space Station or the excruciatingly annoying Anchor Space Station. Possessing 5 independent Disintegrator Banks which can fire all directions, you’d best keep shields up when approaching. However, if you wish to halt an enemy in their tracks then you’d best deploy the Anchor! Working as a link to the Voidgate network is already a pain for opponents, but when enemy ships are forced to use only Station Keeping, that makes it true Shaltnanigans.

Again, Space Stations are integral to Dropfleet Scenarios so this highly important pieces is available today for £18.

The rules for these new Space Stations are in the Resources page, click here to check them out! We’ve also taken the chance to do a minor update to the previous Space Station rules, which locks your opponents out from using the weapons or abilities on all of your own Space Stations. Handy, as Shaltari players do not want to be on the receiving end of 5 Disintegrator Banks!

Now, onto the latest MDF offerings!

High-Rise Construction Site

Imagine hauling yourself atop this towering construction site to only then realise you forgot your lunch. The new High-Rise Construction Site is designed for HEIGHT! Thanks to its multiple levels and varying angles, this structure is an ideal vantage point for a defending force. Also, thanks to its additional construction themed accessories your provided with plenty of opportunities to break line of sight.

This set is designed for 28-35mm tabletop gaming and can be purchased today for £28.

Ruined Gothica Bank

We’d recommend depositing your cheque into an different branch… The Gothica Bank has changed a lot since its first iteration. However, look at the positives, no long queues at least and plenty of cover now. The now exposed inner structure will be ideal for gaining a vantage point over opponents in addition to a defensive position. Made from 3mm MDF and designed for 28-32mm tabletop gaming this set is ideal for modern warfare.

You can purchase the Ruined Gothica Bank today for £16.

Construction Yard Accessories

Ever wanted to pad out your Tabletop experience with realistic construction accessories? If the answer is yes then this set is a must have. With numerous barricades, platforms, signs and even a dustbin you be able to break line of sight with ease. However why not set up the accessories around your boards pre-existing buildings for that touch of realism. This set is made from MDF and designed for 28-35mm modern day tabletop gaming.

You can pick up the Construction Yard Accessories today for £16.

That’s it! We hope everyone has a great weekend and don’t forget to check back on monday for the latest Monday Motivation.

Looking for your next hobby project? Want something to build and paint? Remember to check out the TTCombat Webstore as you may find your next project there! If you’re planning on ordering these and painting them up, or have any other painted TTCombat scenery, make sure to send photos of your finished kits to and we will post them up for Monday Motivation!

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