WIP Tentacle Lady!

It’s another WIP Wednesday, and today’s WIP is something that a lot of people having been waiting a while for…

Well you’ll not have to wait much longer, because the Flame That Burns Underwater is heading your way soon! Carnevale players will be happy to hear the news (provided they’re Rashaar players – anyone else might be a bit more worried).

The Flame That Burns Underwater

The Flame That Burns Underwater (quite a mouthful, just Flame from here on out) was a notorious miniature from first edition Vesper-on days of Carnevale. In a bunch of pieces, made of metal, and supported on thin tentacles, she was a bit of a nightmare to put together. There was even a special guide written for her! Nightmare!

When the Kickstarter came round, we made a new version of the miniature. We sent this version to the Kickstarter backers and she was… barely easier to assemble.

Each of those tentacles glues on in only one place, but who knows where they go?

New Flame

Well, it’s come time for the Flame to come to retail, and in the time between, she’s had a bit of a glow up. One of the key problems we had was the original resin sculpt was embarrassingly too big to fit into any of our boxes! That octopus was just a bit too bulbous.

So we took the opportunity to redesign the Flame, more in-keeping with modern Rashaar looks, and less like a lady riding an octopus. Behold, the new Flame!

Rei produced this amazing new piece of art, using the original artwork produced for the Kickstarter. She updated and polished it to become a brand new tentacle lady!

This art got sent to the Carnevale sculptor Miguel, along with the Kickstarter version STLs. There’s a great model there, and it would be a shame to throw away all the existing work!

Miguel got to work making the changes – one of which was to make sure that each tentacle had a unique key to help you piece it together. We then 3D printed the miniature and sent to the mould makers.

Resin At Last!

And that’s about where we are at the moment! The Flame is burning new and bright, sat on Fin’s painting desk ready to get a lick of colour. She’s next in the queue after the next batch of Dropzone Commander miniatures, so keep your eyes peeled for more news on her fast-approaching release!

Stay out of the water folks, she doesn’t make friends!

While you’re waiting, make sure to head over to the TTCombat webstore to check out the rest of the Rashaar miniatures. There’s a fair bit out of stock at the moment due to high demand and a re-jigged resin pouring schedule. But stuff is coming back into stock bit by bit, and it won’t be long until it’s all back, with more stock than ever.

If you have any Carnevale miniatures you’ve painted (or Dropzone, Dropfleet, RUMBLESLAM, or scenery for that matter), make sure to send your pictures over to info@ttcombat.com – you could be the next Monday Motivation!


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  1. @Timothy Berry: Well to be fair, Ursula is just a Disney theft of Scylla, so the Mouse is not the originator of octopus/squid monster women hybrids. That being said: TTCombat is carrying on the beautiful tradition of tactically THICC tentacles.

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