Advent Calendar 7

The start of the advent calendar!

Don’t worry, you haven’t missed 6 other posts – we go by the date, and today – the 7th – is our first advent calendar day.

So without further ado, let’s see what’s behind door number 7!

Our first day is a Dropfleet Commander day, and today is all about Space Stations!

The Space Station kit is one of the best selling Dropfleet boxes, and for good reason! It’s super modular, making multiple small Space Stations or even one single massive one! They’re very handy in all sorts of space games as well, which is nice!

Well, if that much modularity wasn’t enough for you, Dave has been busy sculpting some resin add-on pieces to make a whole new type of Space Station. Introducing the military station!

This new kit is an add-on to the existing plastic Space Station sprue. That means these pieces are fully modular to fit with the current set. Would you expect anything different from Dave “10 billion Resistance Cruisers” Lewis?

With colossal railguns and plenty of other weapons too, it’s definitely going to be a focal point for battles!

You can see here how the plastic spires attach, completing this small station.

But what if you want a bigger defence line?

Yeah, they can all link together too!

We’re still actually quite early on in the design process for these. For a massively modular kit like this, Dave gets the basic pieces all done, then they’re printed and moulded. From there we get to have a real play around to see what’s possible. There are so many options that it takes a while to figure out exactly what matches with what, and whether things fit well over the entire range.

After that we have to decide exactly how many parts to put into individual sets, making sure you can make a whole station or link them together for a great price.

Speaking of linking together and modularity; you might have noticed a slightly curved piece in the first image. That’s a brand new component, and is in there to allow you to make a ringed station. Combine enough pieces and you’ll get Mega Station 1.

Hahahaha what! Scourge invaders beware!

And that’s just door one of the advent calendar! We have 2 more Dropfleet doors, and plenty of other teases and freebies coming your way all the way up until Xmas day. Hooray!

In the meantime, if you’re looking to get some Dropfleet goodies for the day itself, head over to the webstore now!

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