New Releases – Escape From San Canciano

It’s time! A brand new Intro Box for Carnevale!

It’s the best day of the week: New Release Friday!

This week is a massive new releases week, and is in fact the last week of new releases in 2020!

Starting on Monday, our regular weekly updates will be stopping, and instead we will be starting our 2020 advent calendar!

We have fifteen days of sneak peeks and goodies for you, so make sure to stop back every weekday until Xmas!


Before we get on with the new releases, we are extending our Exclusives sale until the end of the weekend. We’ve had people all week asking if they can order Exclusives when Escape From San Canciano comes out, so we thought why not extend the sale!

You have until the end of Sunday 6th December to get your exclusives!

And what’s more, we’re keeping the Black Friday and Cyber Monday model offer up all weekend too! If you spend £75 you get a free miniature, and if you spend £150 you get both of them!

And last note: the White Box Bundles released last week are on sale all through the holiday period into the new year, so don’t worry about missing out on them. However, we have received unprecedented interest in them, and while we’re cutting them to order over the next few weeks, you all have been so busy putting them in your basket that last week was our biggest release in over two years! That’s massive.  But we’re getting very close to Xmas, so make sure you order early. The earlier you order your White Box Bundles, the closer to the top of the list you are to get them cut and delivered. Act fast!

Escape From San Canciano

Okay, onto the headlining act!

Escape From San Canciano is our new 2-Player Intro Box for Carnevale. We’ve been talking about it all week, so in case you missed all of that, here is what you need to know:

  • It has 2 gangs – Guild and Rashaar. 4 miniatures in each, all unique to this box, and all single piece with tabbed bases so you can get playing quickly!
  • There’s a new cut-down Carnevale rulebook included. Same rules as the big one, but in only 48 pages. There’s a little background, 5 scenarios, and all the rules you need.
  • Cardboard scenery and a double-sided fold-out paper mat make a 2’x2′ board, including plenty of obstacles for jumping on!
  • Stat cards for all characters, quick reference, and 2 special scenarios to help introduce new players to the game.
  • It’s only £35
  • Seriously, £35 for all that stuff. Best starter set ever?

This is probably the best value set we’ve ever made, and will be a perfect entry point for new players. And for existing players, the miniatures are beautiful and will make great expansions to your existing sets (there’s very little cross-over with the big 2-player set incidentally).

Carnevale Rulebook

Of course, if you’re just interested in a rulebook that won’t break your back to carry around (that big rulebook is heavy, sorrynotsorry), the new rulebook is also available to order separately!

This book is the exact same one in the boxed set, and contains basically everything you’d need to start playing. It’s a small format so will fit inside most carrying cases, so you can probably fit everything you need for a game in one hand. No more backpacks here!

This rulebook is available to pre-order now, and is a bargain at £10.

So what are you waiting for? Both of these are now up for pre-order, so head over to the TTCombat webstore now!

Order over the weekend and don’t forget to pick up your Exclusives (the 2019 ones are going off-sale forever after this weekend). Order enough and you get free miniatures thrown in. Best weekend of the year? I know the bar is low, but come on, this is pretty epic.

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