Escape From San Canciano – The Rules

Next up in the list: rules!

Escape From San Canciano is released this Friday, and with it comes some new rules!

The rulebook itself is exactly the same actually. It’s just smaller and lighter so you can easily take it to your games and flick through to find what you need.

But there are other things in the box too, and that’s what we want to look at today!

The set has 8 characters in it, all with unique sculpts. So we had to get unique art made for them to represent their likeness – that just makes sense!

These two cards come in the box, with all the rules you need printed on them. Veteran players will note a couple of absences like Ducats, base sizes and keywords. Well, those things aren’t actually that important for the intro set, so in order to make them easy to understand, we got rid of them. The full rules for these characters can of course be found at as normal. It also means that your Action, Life, Will, and Command point markers are big enough to put a dice on to track. Handy!

A couple of characters have had some small tweaks to them to go in the box, and those tweaks will be found on the gang builder and downloadable cards as of tomorrow as well. The only real major change here is to the Enforcer.

Rashaar players might notice that the Enforcer has gone up 2 Ducats, although they have also gained 1 Command Point and even a Command Ability that gives allies +1 Protection. Very nice!

One of the big things we’ve tried to do with Escape From San Canciano is to make the game easily accessible to new players. With that in mind, neither of these gangs have Leaders, and there’s no magic in the set either. But to compensate, each gang has a character with 1 Command Point, which helps to introduce the mechanic to newer players.

With new players in mind, there are also two extra sheets in the box. The first contains two brand new scenarios, specifically written to help new players. This is a smaller version of the campaign you find in the big 2-Player Box, and these scenarios even contain some helpful pointers for the game as well.

There’s also a double-sided (in fact all of these cards are double-sided) Quick Reference sheet, containing rules to the most used actions. You won’t be able to learn the rules just from this sheet, but it saves you thumbing through your fancy rulebook mid-game too often.

And that’s just about everything for today!

…Oh who am I kidding? You want to see the Lesser Rhyll rules without squinting, don’t you?

This new monster is designed to teach players a little something about Mind values, and why they’re important. It’s not the strongest character ever, but a Henchman with Fear is pretty handy! Its Dementing Tentacles also have the Stun special rule, so Rashaar enemies better be even more careful in the water.

The Lesser Rhyll is a water creature through and through. It has low MOVE on land, but a massive 5″ swim distance, so close the distance whilst in the canals!

Oh and for those asking, yes, there are plans to see what happens when the Lesser Rhyll grows up a bit, but you’ll have to wait a while for that!

Feeling hyped yet? We sure are!

If these fishy fiends interest you, make sure to head over to see the rest of the Rashaar in advance of tomorrow’s release. There are plenty of monsters waiting!

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