Thats No Moon – WIP Wednesday!

. Sound the air horns,  grab the vuvuzelas, bang the drums of war and make as much noise as you want because we’re in space and no one will hear you anyway.

Straight from Lewis’s desk I bring you the Space Station add-ons that were teased back at the beginning of the advent calendar.

They have been printed, moulded and cast and now there is this once full box of resin pieces. Now its remnants of just some of the parts that will be coming in the space station blisters. With so many different sized and useful pieces, there are decisions to be made as to what goes with what.

Is this a set in the making? Honestly even we’re not completely sure yet! We are still mixing and matching to make sure you can make a whole station or link them together for a great price.

When we have new modular sets like this, we tend to get them all cast and then have a play! While you can get a good idea of what makes up a set in a 3D, theres only one way to really know. Tip it out on the desk and fiddle around with the pieces!

Its testament to the modularity of these sets. There are plenty of weapons and focal points for future battles! These pieces are really bringing another level of customization to our popular Space Station kit.

These photos are just of the new pieces, we haven’t even had chance to add in all the plastic bits yet. We’re excited to see all the possible weird creations. To be honest we don’t even bother cleaning these pieces up. It’s just a rough and ready “what goes with what”. Then we figure out exactly how to split the parts down into sellable packages.

Scourge invaders beware, colossal rail guns are at the ready!  Dave has done a marvellous job with the detail and flexibility of add-ons. They’re going to look great on your gaming table!

These are our largest blisters, crammed full of parts! Its no joke about getting the most space station for the your money! Although apparently there are still a couple of parts yet to come through. Nonetheless this is a good indication of what you might be getting in these new blisters.

These will be protecting your star system in the not too distant future. For now though, be sure to check out the rest of our Dropfleet range and bolster your forces for the incoming battles.

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