Advent Calendar 8

Day 8 on the advent calendar…

And it’s a Tabletop Scenics day today!

Our MDF kits are always massively popular, and this year has been no exception! We’ve been a little light on new scenery this year, as between the whole pandemic thing and then everyone wanting new scenery to make during said pandemic, we’ve been a bit swamped! To meet demand we have almost doubled the size of the laser cutting suite, and the new lasers are cranking out our best-selling White Box Bundles as I type.

However, you all want new things, right? Let’s open the door!

We’re pleased to announce today that the MDF designers have been hard at work making new Wild West kits!

In 2021 we’ll be relaunching the entire Wild West range. It was one of the first sets of MDF kits we ever made, and they’re showing their age a little!

With a complete redesign we’re bringing forward all the things we’ve learned in the years since to make the best Wild West buildings ever!

While we’re still in early development (those lasers are too busy cutting White Box Bundles for us to even have test cuts!), you can see some of the things we’ll be doing. One important thing that we’ll be introducing is a range of starter sets for the terrain. Similar to our Industrial Hive range, we’re looking at packs in the £20-£30 range that will contain basically an entire small board’s worth of scenery.

To do that, we’ll have easier builds like the one above – multiple buildings all linked together. It saves wood, it saves you money, and it’s much easier to assemble!

Combine these larger kits with some centrepieces like this church, and you’ll have a great looking board!

Not only that though, we’re also expanding the Wild West range in all directions!

The entire scenery team is working on the Wild West project, focusing on loads of different styles that all fit together under the Wild West banner.

We’ll have ranches like the one above…

And we’ll also have a full city range! Styled after cities in the south, we’ll have fancy buildings with large balconies, and smaller, poorer looking sets that are perfect for a shady part of town.

And if that’s not south enough, we’re even going south of the border with Mexican inspired terrain. Those buildings are stackable as well by the way, offering even more options for your board!

So if you play any Wild West style games, we’ve got you covered next year! These are only a few of the different styles we’ve got coming to the range too – there’s even more on the list to get made, and plenty more kits in each range than what we’ve shown today! It’s onwards and upwards in 2021 for Wild West!

While we don’t have a date yet for this relaunch, we’ll be running the stock down of the current kits, so if there are any that you particularly like the look of, make sure to pick them up before they’re replaced with these newer sets.

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