Advent Calendar 9

It’s day 9 – Dropzone day!

Dropzone players, welcome! It’s your day today, so let’s perforate the cardboard and peel back the foil to get to the tasty treats inside.

This year has seen the release of all the new Starter Armies, with twice as much stuff as before for less price. They’re not bad sets! Before the pandemic hit we were also forging through our restocks, adding plenty of alternate units as well. Well, that train is about to pick up speed again, adding more restocks, and more alternate builds as well!

Dave has been hard at work making new versions of existing builds, like this alternate weapon system for the Wolf. Previously only a Commander, this version swaps the missiles for a crazy organ gun of some kind! Don’t ask me what it does – that’s down to the madness of Dave’s mind.

The PHR, long without multiple fast flyers gain an alternate version of the Athena, swapping out its cruise missiles with some dangerous smart missile banks.

The Scourge have been falling behind a little with their restocks, but that just means that they’ve got more goodies still to come! First of all the Corsair is getting a new weapon system, and it looks suspiciously like some kind of Arc Caster – great for hunting aircraft.

There’s also a new weapon system for the Desolator. I know what you’re thinking: “The Desolator and Overseer already come in a dual blister.” And you’re right! However, the old Eden’s Dinosaur hasn’t seen a release yet, so expect standard rules for that as this one in a set together! What does that gun do? Well it’s a big one, that’s for sure.

For those wanting the older feral version of the Alexander (which used to be Salakhan’s ride before he faked his death and joined up with a mysterious faction that may or may not be Kalium), you won’t have to wait long either. We took the chance to make a feral version of its alternate Napoleon as well! It’s pretty fierce looking, that’s for sure!


But it’s not just alternates to look forward to next year. We’re rounding off on finishing all the restocks, so it’s time to press onwards an unleash Dave’s full creative weirdness on the game! We’ll be releasing plenty of new Dropzone miniatures as well. We’re not spoiling them all here, but how about just a few?

Don’t ask me what these are, because I don’t know! All I know is what faction they belong to. But don’t fear, all factions will be receiving reinforcements next year,  with plenty of weird and wonderful stuff that you really won’t be expecting!

Until then though, there’s plenty of Dropzone Commander already available. If you’ve been holding off on the new edition, now’s the perfect time to pick up that army you’ve been thinking about. Starter Armies contain basically a whole force in themselves, for a bargain price! Add on a rulebook and you’re ready to drop your troops in and get started in the lightning fast games of Dropzone Commander!


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  1. Dear Santa, for Xmas I would like PHR to become a playable faction. Please give me Resilient for all Walkers in my stocking.

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