Advent Calendar 10


Hey there brothers and sisters! It’s time to wrestle the door open to day 10 on the advent calendar!

A few weeks ago we released the Headliners and Mighty Madcaps, booster boxes for existing teams. These new boxes add 5 new wrestlers, each bringing some brand new rules and great new style to their teams. I know I will never take my Heavy Pounders to the ring without the “aid” of the Lucky Winner!

Back then we promised that every team would get their turn in the spotlight with their own booster boxes, and the next ones to be released will be a set for the Twisted Shadows!

This new team expands on the existing dark elves and shadowlings with some truly weird new models!

To show them off in all their detail, check out these spinning versions of the sculpts!

First of all we have this little shadowling: the Shadow Flayer. You may not know this, but shadowlings can evolve in different directions, and tend to change based on their age. This old one has become a bit of a parasite, feeding on happiness. Cheery!

This is the Shadowling Hanger. A moody teenager that just enjoys hanging out. Oh and flying around on turnbuckles!

Representing the dark elves, this is a Narcissist. He really just cares about himself. Whether the crowd are cheering or booing, he simply doesn’t care, as long as they’re paying attention.

On the other side is the Dark Elf Sadist. The friendly character isn’t someone you really want to be facing in the ring. They’re not super interested in technical skill, but they are interested in making people bleed, and gaining power from their victims’ suffering!

Finally, one of the most technically complicated miniatures we’ve done! Should be easier to put together than the Gorgon though, don’t worry! The Throwing Shade is the momma to the shadowlings, using her powers of darkness to absorb wrestlers and spit them back out of a shadow across the ring.


As you can see, there’s a lot of weird stuff here – you’d expect nothing less from Gomorrah, really! We’re waiting to see the 3D prints of these ones, but keep an eye out on WIP Wednesday next year where I’m sure we’ll want to show them off (I’m sure the Narcissist won’t mind one bit).

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