Beachhead & Warcon Event Roundup

Last weekend we attended two shows at the same time. Warcon in Belgium and Beachhead in Bournemouth. Let’s take a look how they went.

First of all Beachhead in Bournemouth. Lewis and I attended this event with help from James, one of the TTAgents who demo’ed Carnevale for us. We had RUMBLESLAM demos and of course the new rulebook was on presale too!

James Demoing Carnevale at Beachhead

We had our board bundles, Carnevale and RUMBLESLAM demos and of course all the new boxsets for sale with a selection of our event exclusives. We had a great time having some great hobby conversations with plenty of people.

We were visitied by the guys at Everybody Dice YouTube channel and they mentioned us in their Beachhead 2020 report. Please check it out and of course subscribe etc. It was great to see you guys and I’m glad you really loved your Carnevale demo, it looked like you were having great fun with James.

I’m sure we’ll be back at Beachhead next year too, so those in the south of England, make some plans for Beachhead 2021.

At Warcon we had Mat and Finn representing TTCombat with Bart, another TTAgent, the one with the amazing Carnevale board doing Carnevale Demos. We’ve seen his board on here before. However it was great to see it being used for some demos.

Really liked how you set the Demo board up Bart, and it sounds like you had some great demos. Mat and Finn had RUMBLESLAM set up to demo too.

It was great to see and chat with hobbyists from Belgium, hopefully see you all again soon!

We’ll hopefully be doing plenty of small events this year, as well as being at many of the bigger ones too so if your going to any hobby events this year, we may well see you there!

And of course, if you want to help us out at any events, or even go and demo TTCombat games yourself, why not apply to become a TTAgent? As well as building some fantastic communities to play the games in, you can also earn points which can be turned into fantastic rewards.

Simply fill in this form and we’ll be in touch to talk to you about it. Do bear in mind it may take a little while to get to you, the program has been extremely succesful already, so it’s taking some time to go through all the applications.

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  1. Damn, I think that Carnivale table may have solved my problem with how to paint my canal set. Assembled mine a week ago and have been stumped on how to paint it ever since.

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