The wait is over, it’s new release day!

After a long wait (trust us, we’ve been waiting more impatiently than anyone), we finally have new RUMBLESLAM goodness!

I’m too excited by this, so rather than blather on, let’s have a look what is on offer today, shall we?

The big one to start with.

We have a new RUMBLESLAM Rulebook available now! This brand new edition is a real game changer!

With rules for tripping and pinning added to the game as well as extra attacks, changes to the Dirty rules, new tag team rules, tweaks to sponsorships and even more I’ve already forgotten, it is the new improved version of the game! We’ve been playtesting for a few years now and can safely say that this is how the game is meant to be played.

This new 48-page rulebook has some gorgeous new art including new renderings of our beloved casinos, and for those die-hard Rumblefans it’s staple-bound so you’ll be able to leaf through it during games for years to come! 😉

For just £10 you too can get started with the new edition of THE fantasy wrestling game.

The new edition of the rulebook has been put into the much-loved 2-Player Starter Box too!

This box is the same brilliant kit, with the Heavy Pounders and Green Bruisers (now all in single piece sculpts), loads of dice, tokens, character cards, and a neoprene ring mat. However it now includes the brand new edition of the rulebook too!

All this for only £45 – no inflation in this casino!

Speaking of casinos, new rules are great, but how about some new models to use with them? Introducing the first team for a brand new casino. These are the Lords of the Ring! Yes, that is an amazing pun.

This epic team of Halflings are the first to appear from Moote Carlo, a new casino from south of the border. The luchadors are experts at flipping from ropes and using each other as turnbuckles!

With five members of the team including a Weight 3 (he’s heavier than he looks) you’ll be powering up using Crowd Pleasers to make them nigh-on unstoppable! Don’t forget that they’re squishy halflings though – get in and pound your opponents before they hit you back! In case you get beaten up too badly, the Halfling Ref is on side to hand out pasties to the wounded. Delicious!

This new boxed set is available to pre-order now for £22.

We also have a brand new Superstar to join Moote Carlo. It’s Mushcles! Yes, our pun game is strong, thank you for saying so.

For a scant £6 you can pick up a WEIGHT 1 wrestler who hits hard and dances around the ring! Using his DEX for Grapple attacks and getting super powered when half-Stamina, Mushcles is a real boon to your team – whether you play Moote Carlo or not! With a long range lift attack you don’t want to get on the wrong side of this little tree!

We also have not one, but two new RUMBLESLAM MDF rings for you today!

First off is the Championship Ring.

This brand new design is bigger and chunkier than ever! It is the perfect RUMBLESLAM size, and here’s the real neat thing: the turnbuckles are removable! They slide on and off allowing you to cover the top of the ring with a neoprene mat of your choice!

The kit comes with elastic nylon ropes which easily slot in and out so you can remove the turnbuckles between games.

This brand new ring is £16 in store now!

But maybe you want something extra special? Try the DELUXE Championship Ring! This version comes in at £24, and has all the great features of the regular one, but it also contains a hidden storage tray underneath!

The tray can fit loads of stuff, including the contents of an entire 2-Player Starter Box!

See? So much space! There’s a bespoke area for the turnbuckles, a slot for the mat (neoprene doesn’t crease, so you can fold it in half no problem), a slot for cards, one for dice and counters, and a large one for miniatures too. Just get a little extra foam to put in to protect them!

There’s even a divet in the top that fits the new RUMBLESLAM rulebook. There are clips on the side of the ring which slot in to make sure the whole thing stays together for transport too.


All of these new RUMBLESLAM releases are on pre-order now. Head over to the TTCombat webstore and check them out!

Are you excited about getting back into RUMBLESLAM? We are! Let us know what you’re looking forward to most in the new rulebook, and we’ll see you in the ring!

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