Teaser Tuesday – Vatican vs Strigoi

Who will win? There’s only one way to find out!

In today’s Teaser Tuesday we’ve got some brand new Carnevale boxes coming your way on Friday!

Not only are we seeing two new boxes for the Strigoi and Vatican, as well as a couple of Gifted, but we’ve got not one, not two, but five new character types!

Our first set is the Romani Caravan, which is a Strigoi box without any Strigoi!

The Romani are human servants and allies to the Strigoi. A little of both, but not all of either. They’re bound to Vlad and his demons, accompanying them to Venice to help and to find their own place.

The Romani Caravan has five miniatures: a Leader in the form of a Blood Crone – an old and wise woman that has an intricate knowledge of magic, two Romani who are quick and a little magical, a Seer with her soothsaying abilities, and finally a Tarot Reader who can turn spells to her gain, although you might not know exactly what you’re going to get.

Our second set is the Vatican Inquisition. Nobody expected these! Sorry, we had to get that out first – it’s the law.

This set has three brand new characters, as well as a new repose as well!

The box contains two Inquisition Commissioners armed with swords and pistols for a balanced attack or defence. It has an Inquisitorial Spy (the running one with a knife) for quick attacks and dexterity (a rare trait in the Vatican), a Stalker (in the hood) who is armed with a small handbow and will track his targets to the end of the earth, and finally the snare-toting Witch Finder who is especially good at battling mages.


These sets show a turning point for the Vatican, the Strigoi, and indeed for Carnevale itself! We still have plenty of miniatures to come from the Kickstarter, but we’re now pushing into brave new territory! Both of these gangs have characters in them that were created to carry on the story of the game, and also to plug gaps within the factions themselves.

We know that the Strigoi need some more supporting characters, and that the Vatican do very well on the ground but not so much on the rooftops. So some of these characters address those in interesting new ways. We’ve got loads more to come in this new direction, so don’t worry every other gang – you’ll get yours!

These two boxes are going up for pre-order on Friday, so stop back then to pick them up, or earlier to find out a bit more about some of these new characters!

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