WIP Wednesday – Work in Production

We’re taking a trip down to the lasers today!

For WIP Wednesday today we thought we’d take a look at what’s going on downstairs in the laser room.

The production team are definitely the unsung heroes of TTCombat, working all hours to get MDF and resin made and out to you, the discerning customer!

First things first, I found this massive stack of Iron Labyrinth: Death Quadrant Complexes!

This is actually just a small amount of what we’ve had cut this week. In the first weekend of the Death Quadrant Complex going up, we sold 350 copies of this kit!

With a 2 hour cut time, that’s 700 hours of cutting over the last few days, just on this one product!

This stack of wood is waiting to go out to stores, so if you haven’t picked up your Death Quadrant Complex yet, pop down to your local gaming store and ask them for one.

Next up I found a very large pile of white boxes. That’s right, the white box bundles are back!

Each year around the holiday season we release a series of bundles for our Tabletop Scenics ranges. And this year is a big one! With ten new bundles this year, there is so much scenery to pick up.

These brand new bundles are going up on sale THIS FRIDAY in time for Black Friday (no we aren’t going to be discounting any more than normal, but there are exclusive minis coming – check back Thursday for details).

Finally, I couldn’t resist taking a little time lapse of a Death Quadrant Complex being cut. Pretty cool!

So that’s our WIP Wednesday. Join us in saying a big thanks to all of the production team – if it wasn’t for them, none of us would smell like burned wood!

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