Dropzone Commander Restocks – Wave 3

It’s time for the 3rd wave of Dropzone Commander restocks. 4 Kits back into permanent stock and 2 new units to look at too!

First of all we have the UCM Phoenix kit back in production. This one has been coming in and out of stock as the old moulds and masters were failing, now we have new masters and new moulds, it’s back on sale permanently.

The Phoenix Command Gunship needs very little introduction. A fast and well armed base for your commander, For UCM Forces that want to hit fast and hit hard it’s a great choice  Only £25 for this big flying gunship.

Second kit has the first of our two new units this week. The Shaltari Yari and Tate kit.

With enough hulls and turrets to make 4 of these little scout skimmers for only £10 this kit is great for adding even more speed and agility to your Shaltari force.

The Yari comes equipped with a Microwave cannon for cooking infantry hiding in cover. With it’s high speed and agility, no infantry is safe from it’s reach.

Alternatively, arm it with a Light Ion Cannon to give fast Anti-Air capability to your scouting force.

The Tate is the new unit in this kit. Armed with no weapons this Scout unit provides a support role. With a Shield Boosting node, use this to provide extra resilience to your main force, and with it’s speed and agility, it can get to where it’s really needed.

Next up is the Model 109 Breaching Drill for the Resistance.

The Drills are an integral part of many a Resistance Army, with the access rule this gives the Resistance a way to get troops in and out of key areas very quickly.

This kit is £12 and gets you one drill with a movable door and movable drill bits.

Last, and certainly not least is a very large kit for the PHR. The Nemesis / Bellona are now available to buy. And very powerful options they are.

The Nemesis is the PHR Type 4 Command Walker, big, powerful and expensive this unit can turn even the heaviest battle tanks to molten metal with it’s Nemesis laser and Railguns. Being a Command choice it can take a Commander too.

However, if the Nemesis isn’t quite powerful enough, you really, really want something obliterated from the battlefield, why not field a Bellona, the replacement for the Marcus Barros model. No longer just for personal use of the Famous Commander, the Bellona is being seen more and more on the battlefields of the Reconquest.

Swapping it’s Nemesis laser for a Vanquisher Cannon, this beast of a cannon turns anything into a smoking crater. Still armed with a pair of Railguns too just in case something survives the Vanquisher Cannons raw power.

This kit will allow you to build either a Nemesis Command Walker or a Bellona Type-4 Walker. And only £25 brings all this destruction to the battlefield.

These are all available on our web store now so take a look to reinforce your forces today. Stats will be available on the Web Builder tomorrow, check back tomorrow from more information on the Shaltari Tate and PHR Bellona Type-4 Walker.

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    1. Hi Jeff.

      Coming. The Scourge haven’t been forgotten just the way the moulds have been done, and the amount of work needed on them and such the Scourge will need a little more time. Don’t worry, they will be coming.

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