WIP Wednesday – The Guild Reinforcements

Need some ranged support for your Capo? Today’s WIP Wednesday will be a treat for you!

We showed off a WIP of some new Carnevale artwork a little while ago, and now it’s time to check in on what’s happened with one of them.

The Guild have got an Arbalest incoming soon!

This lovely new miniature is the first one off the master mould. A Henchman choice with a crossbow and deadly aim? Yes please!

As usual this one has gone straight to Fin’s painting desk. He’s half way through a Stellaris Ether Drake, but next on his desk is this one and a bunch of other new Carnevale miniatures to come out very soon!

We’re organising the next monthly Carnevale release now that our 3D printer is up and running again, so keep an eye out in the next few weeks. Once the miniatures are painted we can get them photographed, make up some packaging, and before long you’ll have new Carnevale minis in your hands.

Until then, make sure to check out all the Carnevale miniatures already available on the webstore, and if you’re interested in more Carnevale news, check out the latest post on our Desert of the Dead Kickstarter – there’s a great alternative Foreign Noble miniature and an awesome new short story too!

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