Teaser Tuesday – Derelict Enclave

Another week, another load of fantasy terrain!

This Friday sees the release of three new Savage Domain kits for our Fantasy Realms range!

This will be the last of our Savage Domain releases for a short while – we’ve got to design some new bits!

On Friday we’re taking a trip to the Derelict Enclave, which we previewed a little while ago on WIP Wednesday.

This set – like all the other Savage Domain kits – is completely modular, allowing you to reposition your battlefield between games (or between turns if you’re feeling particularly chaotic!).

There are just hundreds of ways to set up this kit, even without considering all the other kits it can be put together with!

The modularity comes from a series of plugs and sockets on the pieces, meaning you can easily plug walls into buildings. There are also loads of extra plugs in the kit, with ruined archways, bits of wall, and little wooden perches.

This means that even with this degree of modularity, anyone looking at your board for the first time will think you’ve made a bespoke set of ruins, with no idea about how versatile they are!

One of the coolest things about this set is that all the walls are doubled up. That means you have detailing on both sides of the buildings and wall sections. It’s a pretty luxurious kit, definitely the equal of many other plastic or resin sets, for only a fraction of the cost!

This whole kit comes in at only £20, and will cover most of a small skirmish sized board with little need for any other kits. For a larger board you can easily combine this set with the other two coming out on Friday (those are a secret right now), or with any of our other Savage Domain kits, available now.

We’ll be taking a look at the rest of the new kits on Friday, and check back for another article (or two) about using all of the Savage Domain kits together to build something greater than the sum of their parts.

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