Deserts of the Dead – Live and Kicking!

The Desert of the Dead Kickstarter campaign is in full swing!

We launched our campaign on Friday evening to limited fanfare – since half of Cornwall suffered a power cut and we had to wait for everything to come back online!

It’s been a massive success so far, fully funded in a matter of hours, and now, 3 days later we’ve surpassed 500% funding!

It’s an incredible achievement, and massive thank yous to everyone who has jumped on the campaign so far.

If you haven’t had a look yet, click here to see the Kickstarter page!

First 3 Days Recap

We’re going to check in on the KS periodically here on TTCommunity. If you’d like complete updates (there are a lot of them as we blow through stretch goals), make sure to stop by the campaign itself. There’s loads going on.

You can pledge for any number of different things in the campaign. From an Exclusive Lord to Halfling Sand Raiders all the way up to the MEGA PLEDGE which just contains almost everything in the campaign!

The individual pledge levels offer great savings on buying things separately, and when new stretch goals are unlocked, stuff gets added into the larger pledges for free too!

There are loads of regiments on offer. While they will contain repeat miniatures, each regiment has loads of variations in pose, so your force will look really dynamic. Above are a few different poses for the mummy archers.

There aren’t just the pledge levels to look at though, there are tonnes of add-ons. These individual sets contain smaller amounts of miniatures, but allow a lot of flexibility in what you back for, meaning you can really customise your pledge.

It’s easy to do add-ons. Simply add up what you want to get, pledge for that amount, and after the campaign is over you’ll get to visit the Backerkit page to select exactly what you want delivered. You can wait until after the campaign to up your pledge, but post-campaign funding won’t unlock stretch goals!

Speaking of stretch goals, with 500% funding we’ve already unlocked a bunch!

Seen here we have Tomb Jackals and Jackal Horrors (the big one). You get loads of these per unit, and I love the designs! All starved and grisly with bits of bones tearing out of their skin. Yeah, they’re cool.

Stretch goals are unlocked in two ways:

  1. When we reach funding milestones we add new units as add-ons and some get added to pledge levels.
  2. When we hit social stretch goals (sharing posts about the KS, following on social media etc) models are revealed in the Adventurer Pack. We’ll talk more about that in a later update.

It’s not just mummies and jackals in the campaign though!

We have a whole sand elf army, with more units added as stretch goals unlock!

Seen here is the KS Exclusive Sorcerer (right), and the Elf Queen (left). They’ve got loads of other elves to lead, and even a cobra hydra too!

And of course there are some big things!

The last few stretch goals unlocked these two giants. One with swords and one with a massive bow. They’re huge! I’m actually not 100% certain the price on these is right, since they’re on the Kickstarter for £15 each. That definitely seems too low. :O


So there we have it! There are so many more models on offer over on the Kickstarter page, so make sure to pop by and have a look. If you’re feeling it, don’t forget to pledge – it’ll help unlock even more stretch goals!

We’ll be back later in the week to talk about any new stuff that unlocks, and I’d like to chat a bit more about the RUMBLESLAM team there too, so stop back soon!

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