WIP Wednesday – A Glimpse into Venice’s Future

Let’s look into the depths of the design room to find out what’s happening with Carnevale!

We thought we’d try something a little different today for WIP Wednesday. We often show prototypes of buildings, things Fin has on his painting desk, and we even showed progress on our Dropzone Army Builder app last week.

Most of those things are pretty close to completion though, so this week we’re going to go right back to the start with some new Carnevale sketches.

These are early concepts, and most of them are straight off of Mateusz’s art desk (computer monitor). Some of these will be seeing release for Carnevale sooner, and some are quite a way off. But this is a very early look at a few new characters!

I’ll make sure to say now though: this is WIP Wednesday, so everything in here is Work In Progress. That means lots of changes will be made before the miniatures are sculpted, and sometimes the designs stop at the sketching stage and never make it through to final miniature. That’s just how the creative process goes!

We’re going to start off here with a new character for the Guild. This is the Arbalest. A Henchman choice, the Arbalest makes crossbows for a living, so is pretty good with them! When the Guild come knocking on her door, she’ll take up arms with the rest of the craftsfolk that make up the ranks of the Guild.

You can see she shares some of the long, flowing clothes of many of the Guild (particularly the wealthier ones), and is festooned with pouches, quivers, and even a crank to load her crossbow – only the fanciest crossbows have those!

Next we have a new character for the Strigoi. The Tarot Reader is a Hero choice that bolsters the subfaction of the Romanis.

The Romani were one particular subfaction in the game that we felt needed a bit of a boost, seeing as they only really have two character types (although the Varcolac sort of counts too). This character offers Strigoi players access to extra mages, and also provides some really helpful re-rolls, which is something they actually don’t have many of (the odd Acrobatic (1) or Expert Offensive (1) notwithstanding).

The Tarot Reader has layered skirts, tassels, and plenty of bling, so should fit in very well with the Romanis!

Our final teaser for today isn’t a whole model, but a few bits of equipment. I’m not giving everything away!

I’m sure Doctors players recognise some of the bits on show here. That backpack looks like something a Doctor of the Arsenal might have strapped on. The shield however looks a little more up close and personal. I can confirm that both of these are from the same model!

So I’ll leave the Doctors players with this mystery – what would you use a madness-powered electric shield for? And those wires from the backpack are going out in two directions, so what will be in this character’s other hand? It’s a mystery!

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