PAINTED Ether Drake!


All ships be on the look out! There’s a massive space dragon heading your way!

Fin has put some paint to the Ether Drake and, well, it’s pretty amazing. No one’s reading this anyway, so let’s get straight to the pictures!


How cool is that?!

This Ether Drake is going to be coming to a Kickstarter near you very soon. The campaign will be for this scale model, separately from our main Stellaris game Kickstarter at a later date.

This campaign is simply a prelude to the full Kickstarter, to give all you Stellaris fans something to make and paint while we prepare the next campaign. There will be a few different versions of the miniature available during the campaign, which we’ll have more information on soon.

Currently a few members of staff have taken some of these Ether Drake miniatures home and are painting them up in alternate colour schemes. We’ll be showing them off soon, so stop back regularly!


3 Replies to “PAINTED Ether Drake!”

    1. That’s not up to us unfortunately! We’d love to do some stats for it in Dropfleet, but gotta get permission from the Stellaris team. 😀

  1. As a Dropfleet and Stellaris fan, I really have to say that I love the miniature and hope that there will be some way to use it in Dropfleet as well. Awesome paintjob!

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