New Releases – Decaying Ruins

Even more new fantasy terrain is coming your way now!

It’s week 3 of the Savage Domain releases, and the last one for a little while.

In previous weeks we’ve strolled around the destroyed Tumbledown Castle Town, barricaded ourselves in the Ramshackle Fortress, and now we’re heading back in time to the Decaying Ruins!

This new group for our Savage Domain range is out now, starting off with three great kits!

The first set is the massive Derelict Enclave.

We had a look at this one on Teaser Tuesday, and it’s a bit special! With double thick walls it’s not only exquisitely detailed inside and out, it’s also super sturdy! Seriously, these ruins won’t get much more ruined no matter how much you throw them around!

As with all of our Savage Domain kits it can be assembled in multiple ways, kept completely modular, even after painting. For a measly £20 this is such a bargain of a kit!

Next up is the Forsaken Prison.

This one follows the design influence of the Derelict Enclave, with double thick walls and plenty of falling down brickwork. However, this set makes up loads of cages to keep prisoners or monsters!

The set contains one double wide cell, one double wide cell with a second storey, and two single cells. Oh and loads of walls, a walkway, and some ladders for good measure!

Our little Barbarian up there isn’t included, but you can pick him up separately!

This set again is only £20, for enough scenery to cover around a 1’x2′ board very comfortably!

We actually put together the Forsaken Prison with some parts from the Marauder Outpost to show you how they work together. We’ll do more of these next week too!

Finally this week is the esteemed Ancient Beacon.

This is a smaller kit, made to complement the other two releases this week. It comes in two parts: the beacon and the spiral staircase. Although actually the staircase itself comes in two pieces so you can have two sets of stairs instead! The kit even comes with an extra brazier in case you want to do that to put it on top of both staircases. If you’re really crazy you can combine multiple kits and keep stacking those stairs!


All of these kits are available to order now! If you pick them up over the weekend, we’ll get them cut and sent out to you at the start of the week.

Have you picked up any Savage Domain kits already? Got some made? We’d love to see!

We’ve got a bit of a break before our next Savage Domain releases, so if there’s anything you’d like to see in the range, let us know in the comments or pop us a message on our Facebook page.

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  1. I really want all of your products and if i had the $ i would have purchased plenty of it by now but this set is exactly what i need.

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