WIP Wednesday – Spaceships!

It’s spoiler time!

Alright, not that many spoilers. It’s not an Endgame/GoT situation.

But today for WIP Wednesday we’re going to take a sneaky look inside Battle for Earth. If you want to read the book completely fresh-faced, turn away now!




Anyone still here?

Okay, good! We revealed the Resistance Fleet a few weeks ago, and we’ve had a lot of questions about them since! We’ll be answering those shortly, but for today we’ve got just a single page from Battle for Earth showing some Resistance ships all coloured in.

So what do we have?

2 Cruisers and a Frigate.

They all look pretty different, and there’s a good reason for that!

The Resistance Fleet has a completely modular design, both in miniatures and in rules. When building your Cruisers and Frigates, each ship can be armed with an assortment of weapons and other systems. You pay points for a bare hull, and upgrade it with a certain number of systems according to its class.

We Remain as you can see has a massive four guns on it. The Artillery Cannons aren’t exactly high-tech, but what they lack in sophisticated targeting they make up for with a low power drain on the ship. The Bombardment Mortars are equally inelegant, but what’s wrong with dropping big objects on planets? It works! With four guns you might expect We Remain to be a heavy ship, but it is in fact just a regular Cruiser! We’ll talk more about how the modular building of ships works in the future.

Vespidae is a very different looking ship, with a very different purpose. While We Remain is all about blasting ships and sectors with no tact, Vespidae is a re-purposed exploratory craft, perfect for sending infantry planetside. It has no weapons to speak of, but two sets of Bulk Lander bays. It also has a Scanner Array, left over from its older purpose and not so useful now, but it looks cool! This Armoured Cruiser benefits from Ablative Armour, similar to what you may have seen on another ship in the last year.

Finally Stronghome is our Strike Carrier for today. Its able to enter atmosphere and send out Dropships to land. While its garish colour scheme isn’t winning any subtlety awards, its N-31 Hybrid Gun Turret means its a bit of an all-rounder, able to drop troops and defend itself against attackers.

All of these ships are able to be built with the new plastic sprues we showed off at Salute this year, and will be available first as a Starter Fleet.


So when is Battle for Earth out? Well, I can’t tell you that yet! I know it’s been “coming soon” for a while (we’ve been very busy – the book alone is over 300 pages long!), but we are right on the precipice, just waiting for the last few pieces to fall into place before letting you all know.

Keep tuning in here (particularly in the next couple of weeks) when we’ll be officially announcing the release date of the biggest step forward in the Commander universe since… well, since Dropfleet Commander!

Anyone looking to prepare for the biggest battle yet, make sure to stop by the TTCombat webstore to refuel, resupply, and expand your fleet in preparation!

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