New Releases – Infinity

It’s new release time again, and it’s time for our first official Infinity terrain!

That’s right, it’s Friday again, which means:

A. Everyone can basically stop working for the day and not get told off.

B. New TTCombat releases!

This week we have some new Tabletop Scenics products, specifically for our Sci-Fi Utopia range. You may have heard already, but this new scenery is the first official TTCombat Corvus Belli partnership Infinity branded terrain. It’s a pretty big deal! We’ve long been fans of the game, and are proud to show our first outing into terrain designed for Infinity.

Without further posturing, let’s look at what’s released today!

Our first new release we had a look at the other day in Teaser Tuesday. The Objective Compound is a modular kit that makes the perfect sized Objective Room.

However, it’s much more than that, since the walls can be put together in various ways via the 8-point connecting column. This scenery kit can do it all!

Second of all we have the Food Stalls. It’s like a Portland square in the far future, with food stalls selling all sorts of grub!

For a measly £9 you get four food stalls and four benches to eat at! This set makes great scatter terrain to hide behind.

The Geodesic Domes are basically magic made out of MDF and greyboard. The way these go together is insane, and ridiculously easy. They’re ideal for medium sized terrain for blocking line of sight, and come with a few little extras to attach to the sides of each one, along with two little walkways for easy traversal.

And you get two for £14! Bargain.

We had a more detailed look at the Shopping Centre on Tuesday, but needless to say that it’s quite a kit! Four individual buildings go together to make it, or can be used separately if you like.

I love the little acrylic signs on this kit. Almost all of our Infinity terrain kits have some kind of Acrylic, and they really add an extra dimension.

Our final kit this week is the massive Comms Tower. With three storeys to fire from, this one is sure to make an awesome centrepiece for any gaming table.

This kit is almost half a metre tall by the way! The acrylic signs are really cool too, with various advertisements looking like they’re trickling out into nothing.


All of these kits are available to order today in the TTCombat webstore.

As always, if you order over the weekend, we’ll ship them out to you on Monday, so you could even have the start of your new Infinity board ready for assembly next weekend! That’s a good weekend right there!

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