Salute Round Up!

We went to Salute and had some things to show you. Take a look at our stand and at what you may have missed.

A few pictures of our stand and our hard workers getting everything ready just before doors in the morning.

Some of the biggest news we had to offer was a new faction announcement for Dropfleet Commander; the Resistance! There are two modular sprues coming, frigates and cruisers. The fleets shown below are both built from the same sprues!

These are two types of resistance fleet you can build. the militaristic Kalium Kabal and the plucky Vega scrap fleet.

Alongside the Dropfleet announcement we also showed off one of our upcoming releases for RUMBLESLAM! A new team is one that wavy horizon, this pirate team is looking to swab the decks with anyone who steps in the ring.

For Carnevale we showed this guy! A member of the Avignon Guard, with his rather large sword and full armour he is sure to give the Vatican some extra muscle. You may recognise him.

Now these interesting looking pieces didn’t actually make it to salute but they are here now hiding at the bottom of an inconspicuous post.  Dave has been talking about what is coming for Dropzone and Dropfleet so, piecing together those reports you should be able to figure out what these are.

That’s all for our brief round up of salute, catch you on the road!

3 Replies to “Salute Round Up!”

    1. According to the OP, these are modular sprues, good chap. And the ships look excellent, my faves are the Vegans 😛

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