Teaser Tuesday – Infinity Terrain

You’ve waited patiently, and the waiting is almost over!

The first wave of our brand new Sci-Fi Utopia terrain is coming out this Friday!

We’ve partnered with Corvus Belli to make official Infinity scenery kits. This is a big deal! Any Infinity players out there will know the importance of a lot of scenery for your games, and we’ve long been known as the place to go for getting a lot of scenery at great prices.

It definitely looks like the perfect partnership!

This Friday will see the first wave of releases. We have a whole board’s worth of terrain to release in the coming weeks and months, with more being added all the time (it seems I can’t walk past the designers’ desks without seeing something new!).

So what’s coming this week? We have five products releasing on Friday, and I’m going to tease three of them today.

The first kit is the Geodesic Domes.

Frankly, I have no idea how these were made. As far as I’m concerned it’s some kind of wood magic. Something about sufficiently advanced science or something?

Anyway, the Goedesic Domes are made from MDF and greyboard, and are ridiculously cool! At around 13cm wide, these are pretty big, and you get two in a pack, with a few extra details like the small platforms. All of those are optional extras, which allow you to move things around a lot – a common theme in the Infinity range.

The next kit is this Objective Compound. Infinity players know all too well the need for an Objective Room, and this is a beautiful one! The coloured acrylic really helps this room pop as the very centre of the board.

But that’s not all!

You don’t always need that room, so we devised a clever way of getting the most out of your kit: it’s modular!

Each wall is connected with an 8-point column, which allows you to take the room apart and use it in different configurations. You can make long walls, or even massive enclosed areas. So handy!

Sticking with the theme of modularity, check out the Shopping Centre.

This complex is already super useful for your games, with multiple levels and lots of corners to hide behind.

However, it also comes apart! The Shopping Centre comes as four distinct buildings that can be put together in a bunch of different variations. If you want to play on packed in cities or bustling slums, this is the kit for you! Or you can buy this one kit and use each building separately if you want a board that’s a bit more sparse.


That’s all the teases for today. We have two more kits coming this Friday, so check back then for your first glimpse at the new official Infinity terrain.

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