Tactical Look – Bleeding Heart foundation and Minerva

Bringing the bite into the Keep is the vampiric Bleeding Heart Foundation and their royal Superstars. Let’s see how this new team can suck the life out of your opponent’s plan.

This Tactical look will be going over a new team that is emerging from the Keep Casino, this team of blood-sucking maniacs are the Bleeding Heart Foundation. They are not alone however, they are joined by one of their legendary superstars Minerva who is as deadly as she is beautiful.

Blood Siphon

There are two passive abilities that are seen throughout the team on all the vampire members. The first is Blood Siphon, this is an extremely strong team ability that means at the end of each round, you remove Bleeding counters from any wrestler in base contact with a wrestler with this ability and then this wrestler restores that much stamina. This ability makes the team extremely durable. It’s effortless to get Bleeding counters onto wrestlers, this is from attacks and abilities seen later on in this discussion.

The dietary habits of these vampires doesn’t come without its drawbacks, as all the vampires have the Thirst for Blood rule. This rule means they must target enemy wrestlers that are in base contact with Bleeding counters, slight limitation, but it does not outweigh the strength of these undead wrestlers.

Vampire Manbat

The first member of the team that we will discuss is the Vampire Manbat. This winged feral beast comes in at a weight three and packing some serious hitting power. A solid statline and above average move of 4, makes the Manbat a solid weight three in any team.

He has two signature moves, the first being  the Guano Grab. This grapple ability has an excellent dice pool of  Gold and 2 Silver, meaning it can cause beat downs regularly, further combined with the base damage of two, means he’ll be taking down wrestlers in no time. It also gives -1 MP as well as a bleed counter which combo’s well with Blood Siphon. All this from one attack and its only 2 AP, promising start from the Manbat.

His second signature move is a turnbuckle attack called Roost Raiser. This is very similar to a regular turn buckle, which means it can deal high damage, but has the benefit of the shove 4 rule. An excellent ability that can move opposing wrestlers out of position or even slam them into the turnbuckle to deal additional damage.

The crowd please of this character, Horrifying Screech. This forces multiple enemy wrester to retreat away from the Manbat and they wont stop moving until it has been interrupted by either a rope or another wrestler.

Vampire Temptress

The temptress is a blood sucking diva not to be messed with. Her 2 silver +1 in DEX means initiative will most certainly be taken, this tagged along with an imposing 2 silver and a copper in ATT and the multiple special attacks, makes it an activation to remember.

The first of her special attacks is a rope attack called Sanguine Clothesline. Not the highest dice pool but a base damage of 3 can hurt the largest of weight 3’s, plus it gives that all important Bleeding counter that every vampire loves thanks to Blood Siphon.  Her turnbuckle, the Flying Spinning Heel kick is a very strong turnbuckle move. A Gold, Copper +1 means it will be succeeding regularly and another base 3 damage on this can get some pulses raising or stopping. It will also give the target wrestler -2MP, so no-one is getting away from her once they’ve been struck by this move.

Her crowd pleaser, Enthralment, enslaves a enemy wrestler to her will, meaning they have to move 3 squares and end in bases contact with the wrestler. By they time to come to from this enthralment, it will be too late!

Vampire Executioner

The second of the vampires from this team is the Executioner. She, like her other undead friend poses an impressive statline with a high DEX. This time however she focuses greatly on grappling with 2 Silver and a Copper. Her grappling skill is sown further in her Guillotine Choke, this has the same dice pool as her normal grapple, but also gives the attack -1AP and a Bleeding Counter. This can greatly hinder enemy wrestlers and start recovering Stamina from that Blood Siphon.

Heartstopper, a turnbuckle attack with a name to fear. This attack uses 2 Silver and a Copper and has a base damage of 3 , making it a lethal threat to any wrestler caught under the attack.  The Shove 2 that the attack, can be excellent for moving wrestlers or smashing them into the turnbuckle and doing more damage.

The crowd please for the Executioner is a fan favourite, I mean which fan doesn’t love the Heartripper. This ability if successful deals 2 damage to an enemy wrestler in base contact, if this damage causes the enemy wrestler to be KO’d, they are removed from the game. A very quick way to wittle down the enemy team.

Thrall Bloodbag

The Thrall Bloodbag comes in at a weight 2…barely, with lower statline than an  average human, he initially seems like a wasted team member, however his active abilities and special attack is where he shines.

The Nearly Dead Weight Grapple ability poses a respectable 2 Copper +1 and has a base damage of 2, Beatdowns wont be an regular occurrence but it can definitely slow a wrestler down, this is further driven by the fact that it gives the enemy wrestler a -1MP counter.

The Active abilities is where the Bloodbag comes into his own. The Blood Bomb gives a short range attack that at 2 Silver is something to watch out for, but very difficult to avoid. The use of this ability also means the Blood Bag is not in threat range for enemy wrestlers to start whittling him down.

Blood bank is what makes the Thrall an excellent member of the team, this is because it allows, for 2AP, one character in base contact with Blood Siphon to heal a Copper in Stamina. It also gives the thrall a Bleeding counter, that the vampires can make use of through there Blood Siphon rule.

The Thrall can keep healing their master throughout the game due to his crowd pleaser, this allows him to replenish all of its Stamina and gain Bleed counter which further increases the potential healing from Blood Siphon.

Anemic Thrall   

Coming in with slightly higher stats than the Bloodbag, the Anemic Thrall can be used more aggressively due his higher attack of 2 Copper +1, potentially dealing good damage to lower DEF or Knocked Down wrestlers.

The Anemic Thrall also makes more use of the ring through his special attacks. Bloody Bowl is a 2AP Rope Attack that can hit pretty hard, 1 silver, 2 copper and a base damage of 2, is an attack that any healthy human would envy. It also provides that all important Bleed counter that makes this team tick.

Cardiac Shock, is a lower damage than an average Turnbuckle Attack however, the RNG of 6 gives great threat range on the attack and can force distancing from the Anemic Thrall when he is up high on the Turnbuckle. This is further enforced by the Dazed rule, consistently giving out tokens and even possibly knockdown’s to the target wrestler, if you aim to use this move on Heals it has a far greater chance of Knocking Down the Wrestler.

Finally the Thrall has the Blood Bank Active ability, this is further discussed in the Thrall Bloodbag section. This shows that the Anemic Value and makes him a must include alongside his blood sucking masters. He also possess’s the same crowd pleaser as the Bloodbag, which means he can keep getting back into the fight at full strength.


This vampiric beauty is always one step ahead of every wrestler. Packing a strong statline with a Gold, Silver +1 in ATT and a just as impressive Gold and 2 Silver in GRP, means Minerva can bring down the biggest of superstars.

Fan favourite moves are a superstars speciality and Miverva is no different. Her Graple attack Wrath of the Vampire has 1 gold, 2 silver and a base damage score of 2. This grapple can hurt most wrestlers and beatdowns can regularly occur. Darkening the spotlights with her Eclipse Turnbuckle attack, this attack has triple Silver and base 3 damage, knocking the lights out of any caught in it’s shadow. The Dazed rule can give out consistent – AP and – MP that can reduce the effectiveness of even the most skilled wrestlers.

Minerva has two passive abilities which further increase her effectiveness. Floaty means she can move over wrestlers as if they weren’t there, meaning she cannot be trapped and no enemy wrestlers is safe from her. Her second ability is Ravenous Thirst, this allows her to remove a Bleeding counter from a wrestler that she scores a beatdown on, this score is increased by 2, creating dangerous 1 hit KO’s.  Blood Siphon can keep Minerva around for longer and when combined with the Thralls from the Bleeding Heart Foundation she’s not going easily.

Minerva’s Blood Moon Crowd Pleaser combines extremely well with the bleeding heart foundation. The Crowd Pleaser gives all wrestlers (friendly and enemy) a Bleeding Counter. These can be used for Blood Siphon to restore Stamina to the vampiric characters in the team as well as herself.

If these Blood suckers would tempt you with their dark moves, then take a look over at our website.






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