Vampires are on the loose in RUMBLESLAM!

Calm your beating heart unless you want to have it devoured by ravenous VAMPIRES!

The keep is really shaping up to be a nice place to visit, isn’t it! Not only will you now find baby oil-covered Knights who can’t stop flexing, you’ll now also find Vampires. Well, you’ll find the Keeps first Vampiric team this Friday! Of course, it wouldn’t be Teaser Tuesday without at least one MDF kit to reveal today.

Bleeding Heart Foundation

The Knights of the Squared Circle are a little to occupied to be dealing with the Keeps recent influx of Vampires. With the noble Knights distracted by their own reflections, Vampire Manbat, Temptress, and Executioner have been feasting on the crowds each night. Luckily this box does comes with two Thralls which should just about keep the Vampires full for a round or two.

Dwarven box

Sturdy bricks build strong structures fit enough for a Dwarf to live in! This Dwarven Dwelling kit contains three homes contactable via interconnecting corridors and stairs. Each piece is modular so you’ll be able to layout this terrain in a variety of ways. Made from 3mm MDF and designed for 28-32mm, this set intended for both skirmish and narrative games.

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