Contrast Coloured Rashaar!

You’d think lurking the in deep Canal water and dark streets corners, the Rashaar would be dull looking…

Proudly shining brighter than the Vatican’s future, these Rashaar miniatures are certainly eye-catching. Never a stranger in the Carnevale fan Facebook account, John Powell painted up some rather vibrant miniatures last year with these beasties pumping the contrast level to high.

Secreting Myxin

Born from the depths of the Ocean, its perfectly understandable if this alien looking monster was dark and miserable looking. Yet, this is not the case according to John. A vibrant mix of blues, greens, and teal, this beast will be hard to miss. I only wish John gave it a big smiley face or something to make the Myxin look more approachable.


Do you remember that little crab who used to sing in kids films with his redheaded mermaid sidekick, well this is him now… feel old yet TTCommunity? Brachyura are delicious to eat but the issue is they think the same thing about you!  John Powell has decided this beast needs to brighten your day and has gone for a vibrant colour scheme. I will say that those claws cook up well with a white wine sauce, garlic and linguine.

Mouth of Dagon

The Mouth of Dagon is here to spread his lords word and this word is bright! ”The lord Dagon said unto the city of Venic, let his vibrant light shine down on you and so it did.” Obviously the Guild had something to say about this but John has taken the meaning to heart. I really like the look of this miniature and how different the colour scheme is compared to our more reserved studio version. The yellow/gold is vibrant and I appreciate that some muscles seperation was attempted.


All the street Urchins fear the Raadru whilst all butchers want to harvest it for dinner! Never a friendly beast to approach, this hluking brute is a powerful fighter which Johns painted in a traditional fashion except for one thing; liliac horns! These differ from our studios traditional bone colour scheme and I honestly prefer it. Having these makes the Raadru appear almost venoumous to touch.

Thanks for sharing your work with us John!

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