Advent Calendar 2022 – Day 20 – Get Starstruck with Dropfleet Commander

Time to put a name to your admirals!

Welcome back to day two in our four days of downloads, today we’re going weapons free with Famous Admirals!

Click the image to download!

This free download adds some dramatis personae to your game of Dropfleet Commander, changing up the ways you can play and offering new tactical options. Three Famous Admirals per faction gives you various ways of including one in your games of Dropfleet. But what do they do and how do I include them in my games? I hear you ask. Well, we may as well dive in and have a look at the intro page of the download.

Unfortunately, the current builder doesn’t support Famous Admirals, meaning you’ll have to leave the correct amount of points to include them from your total points spent. We know the fleet builder needs a bit of tlc, we’re working on it and will let you know any developments on it as soon as we’re able.

Using Famous Admirals

Each Admiral includes the points for their Flagship, not only are the admirals well known, but their ships are as well. This means they come as a package deal, you wouldn’t expect Vice Admiral Havelock to not command the Carpe Noctum now, would you?

Admiral Command Abilities are re-useable Command Card equivalents. They cost a command card to use and function the same as a command card but can only be used by that Famous Admiral. In addition, they also have a Passive Ability. These are again, unique to the Admiral, but can affect all manner of things. Usually, it’ll be a bonus to the Admiral’s Flagship, but some Admirals may have a fleet-wide effect.

Let’s look at a couple of examples.

“Granite” Halsey

Admiral of the Fleet “Granite” Halsey comes with his Washington Supercarrier, the Shield of Aurum. The pair took part during the opening of the Battle for Earth and were already well known by that point. Halsey is one of the most capable Admirals in the UCMF and this shows in his AV of 7, that’s a lot of cards he has access to. His Command Ability manipulates the SR of your Battlegroups, for the low, low cost of a Command Card, you’re going to have a high chance of deciding to activate first or last. Lastly, his passive increases the Launch Capacity of your fleet by 5, letting you squeeze in an extra carrier.

The Twins of Aaru

The Twins of Aaru are a pair of Shaltari Mercenaries, and one of the more unique in this batch. AV4 in a measly Amber Cruiser isn’t usually a good combination, even with a Command Ability that hands out Vectored like it was going out of style. The Twins’ big draw is that, well, they’re twins. Each one has their own Amber, and they don’t count as being destroyed until both cruisers are reduced to debris. This can be even more difficult for your opponent as they gain Open, can’t hit both if they’re nowhere near each other.

“Typhoon” Vasquez

Okay, last example. “Typhoon” Vasquez is a great admiral for smaller clash games, only coming in at 175 points and AV3. His heavy cruiser, the Red Baron, is tricked out with the best jury rigging and bootleg ammo his fleet can manufacture. His Bootleg Prototype Bullets make your Low Power weapons into Particle spitting boomsticks, turning normally weak shots into devastating salvos.  Bullet Barron gives you the loadout for the Red Baron, a massively modified Heavy Cruiser.

We hope you enjoy using these admirals in your games of Dropfleet Commander. We have lots planned for next year for both Fleet and Zone, so  keep an eye on the community page for more information when we’re able to share.

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