Rumble at Il Ridotto

A New Scenario for Carnevale Featuring…Who?

Welcome to a week of free rules! Let’s start with a new scenario for Carnevale!

Who are these barely dressed Pulcinellas? Why are they so rowdy? Why are they yelling about a rumble slam?

All questions I’m sure will be answered in due time, but it’s of the utmost importance that these ruffians are cleared out and ejected from their plaza.

Click the image above or here for access to the scenario!

This scenario sees The Maked Mayhem make a ruckus in the middle of Venice. One player gets to play this Pulcinella wrestling team as an entire gang while the other must eject them from the plaza section they’ve entrenched themselves in using a standard Carnevale gang.

These aren’t your everyday Pulcinellas you’ll be facing off against though, oh no. These are part of the Il Ridotto faction, specific to this scenario, and don’t interact with your everyday End of Days Pulcinella. While you could use the Masked Mayhem in a regular game of Carnevale, they’re in no way balanced for it and only designed to be used with this specific scenario.

Let’s take a look at a couple of these wrestlers characters, we’ll start with Big Punch, the leader for the gang.

Starting off with his statline, we can see it’s pretty solid, he’s much tougher than a regular Pulcinella and has a bit more MIND to boot, which will come in handy with his Command Ability later on. 2AP,  15 LP, 1 WP, and 2 CP put him almost on par with an Ostrich King?! Wait…there’s something off here. Is that base size…square?

Yes, yes it is. While Carnevale uses round lipped bases (no, we’re not changing that, get out of here you base shape doomsayers) RUMBLESLAM has square bases. It’d be rude of us to demand that you rebase an entire RUMBLESLAM team to play this game mode, so feel free to keep your Masked Mayhem on their clear square bases.

Back to the stats. Each of the wrestlers characters has one of their RUMBLESLAM moves as a weapon. They’re all technically unarmed attacks, so will suffer +1 Penetration like an unarmed attack, but the extra flair means they get to wildly differ from a boring old brawl attack.

Now let’s take a look at the Command Ability. RUMBLESLAM players will be familiar with Eagle Airways, one of the sponsors your team can take if they’re all from the same Casino. Well, the Masked Mayhem have brought over their sponsorships. Big Punch gets Eagle Airways, which lets you move friendly characters as if they were carried around the ring by a flock of eagles. Grumpy and Angry also have their own sponsorships, Phoenix Fizz and Woodland Wonder Sprite Steroids respectively.

Lastly, King for a Round. This differs a bit from its RUMBLESLAM incarnation, but how it applies still works the same. Pick a Pulcinella with the rule at the start of the round. He’s the King now. For now. Each Pulcinella can only be King once, and only one Pulcinella can be King at a time.

We hope you enjoy this crossover scenario! There’s lots planned for next year for both RUMBLESLAM and Carnevale so keep an eye on the community site to stay up to date!

We’ll be back tomorrow for more free rules goodness!

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