Advent Calendar 2022 – Day 16 Drop-Universe news

For a while now there’s been some 32mm Drop-Universe characters making their way around the community and people have noticed.

Admirals, Commanders, and faction leaders, we welcome all of you to today’s article. We are holding a council to discuss some recent miniatures that have made their way around the Drop-Universe. Actually, these miniatures have caused such a stir that a new Facebook group called ‘Dropsquad Commander’ was founded. Whilst this was a little premature, it’s not entirely inaccurate but anyway let’s talk work in progress miniatures first.

Every faction has now had their WIP revealed so we wanted to share some details before we get into release window talk.

UCM Marine Force Recon Droptroop 32mm

The Marines of the UCM often make use of Arrestor Packs mounted to their backs to perform the same role of old fashioned parachutes. Luckily this iteration brought on by advancing technology means a solider isn’t covered in a big white tent upon landing. Due to rapid deceleration, you wouldn’t want to use an Arrestor on a full stomach.

This miniature is available now for £8

PHR Aristaeus Hellion 32mm

Can we talk about Cybernetics for a moment? Ever since the Abandonist’s ancestors returned, the UCM were wary of their integrated cybernetics and motives. Aristaeus Hellions have taken the merger of flesh and machine to an extreme new level. Not liking to fight with traditional weaponry, these PHR fighters form weapons on the fly from their own cybernetics.

This miniature is available now for £8

Resistance Fighter 32mm

A rag-tag bunch of Humans managed to survive the Scourge invasion on earth whilst others resided in the cradle worlds. Fighting a guerilla war against their parasitic enemy, they make do with scavenged equipment and weaponry. Most commonly armed with adorable antique rifles and armour, these humans must rely on their wits to survive.

This miniature is available now for £8

Shaltari Warchief 32mm

Its rare to see a Shaltari outside of their armour, though as most Human contact with them is on the battlefield, its not surprising why. In the past, the Shaltari enjoyed a cordial relationship with Humanity, their diplomats eschewing armour in favour of decorative items. Even in this smaller form, the could probably vaporise a man.

This miniature is available now for £7

Shaltari Pungari Serf 32mm

The Pungari are a subservient species dedicated to their Shaltari uplifters. Originally a role meant for Humanity, the Shaltari enslave Pungari have taken to their new role with great enthusiasm and in huge numbers! Flooding battlefields with their masses the Pungari will prove to be useful in thevwars to come.

This miniature is available now for £7

Scourge Warrior 32mm

The miniature which started us on this journey is still a fan favourite. Captured Humans hosts are forced into the Scourge Infantry ranks and sent into battle. Generally outfitted with Plasma Rifles, these troops are expendable thanks to humanities insistence upon excessive breeding.

This miniature is available now for £8

So everyone is probably wondering which event or time in 2023 these miniatures will go on sale and we’re afraid to say your wrong. They’re actually on sale NOW! As in if you click here. you will be transported to the TTCombat page as these ‘Event Exclusive’ miniatures are on sale NOW!

So the jig is up as there will be no Dropsquad Commander ever. 

Why are you still here? This article is over, so go and check out those miniatures. Oh, you think we have something else to reveal, well you cheeky readers will be happy to see this.


Yes, we are working on a new tabletop game set in the Drop-unvierse. Well thats a lie as we’re actually working on two games set in the Drop-Universe.

We’ve been talking about 32mm Dropzone in the office for quite some time now, it was probably one of the first extra projects discussed. Though with 4 core games, it was only ever a quick “we could do this, or that” conversation. Development needed to continue on the core games, as well as all of the other bits of TTCombat that our office is responsible for.

Releases are planned for at least the next year. There isn’t really enough space or time to squeeze another game in there than what we already have. Amongst these are some supplementary games for Fleet and Zone, along with regular releases for both, as well as ongoing projects for RUMBLESLAM and Carnevale.

We know there’s demand, we’ve seen a niche, but for now there’s no active development on Striketeam Commander outside of these collectors’ pieces (which will be staying as exclusives). When we have information we can share, we’ll be sharing it.

Project ‘Hunter’

Striketeam Commander isn’t the only thing we’re actively working on as we also are developing a new boxed game set in the Drop-Universe we’ve nicknamed ‘Hunter’ at this time. Obviously a working title but we have recently had some artwork commissioned and we’re sharing the first image here.

Being the cruel and evil individuals we are, we can’t currently share anymore information about ‘Hunter’ at this time.

That’s it for today! If your running an event or a store that stocks TTCombat products, make sure you reach out and we’ll feature you on our Social Media Channels. 

Finally, If you have a project you want to start or add to your tabletop setup. Then make sure you head over to the TTCombat webstore for a wide range of miniatures and scenery. If you have anything of ours that you’d like to see featured as a Monday Motivation post. Please send us some photos to


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