Advent Calendar 2022 – Day 21 – New Eastern Empire & Sandstorm Terrain.

New Eastern Empire and Sandstorm terrain is on the way in 2023.

Welcome one and all to another Advent Calendar article for 2022 and we’ve got some new MDF to tease. Its been quite a while since we’ve had some new Eastern Empires terrain and this was something we plan to rectify in 2023. Without wanting to waste time, we hope everyone likes today’s reveal.

Kōbetsu Farmstead

It may be difficult to believe but Samurai aren’t forged from the Emperors will, they are born in Villages.  Kōbetsu Farmstead is home to numerous warriors and their families all under the protection of a mostly noble Shogun. We wanted to revamp the range and thought this kit would be a great way to start the update. Just a sample is shown above but the set contains multiple buildings including huts, a rice store, lookout tower and walkways. This set will make an excellent starting point for an Eastern themed tabletop.

The small huts make for ideal opportunities to incorporate interior play styles as the roofs are removable with functional, detailed interiors. Looking for the enemies assassins or perhaps a devious Ronin? more than likely they’re hiding in the huts waiting to launch an ambush.

Besides the news of a Eastern Empire revamp, we also thought we could show you some MDF from a technologically advanced galaxy.

Hangar Bay

When attempting to park your intergalactic space cruiser or battleship, make sure you use a TTCombat approved Hangar Bay. Protected by tall walls and only accessible through predetermined gateways, the Hangar is the most secure parking site on this planet. Just make sure that you have clearance to land, otherwise you could be victim to blaster fire from the gate turret. This kit is designed for 28-32mm wargames and will be available in 2023.

That’s it for today! If your running an event or a store that stocks TTCombat products, make sure you reach out and we’ll feature you on our Social Media Channels. 

Finally, If you have a project you want to start or add to your tabletop setup. Then make sure you head over to the TTCombat webstore for a wide range of miniatures and scenery. If you have anything of ours that you’d like to see featured as a Monday Motivation post. Please send us some photos to

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