Dropfleet Commander 2022 Review

Its been an eventful year for fans of Dropfleet Commander and of course, we’ve released a bunch of products for each faction.

Its hard to think that another year in Dropfleet Commander has passed us by and thanks to the work of our staff and community, the game is still growing. This year we saw multiple new releases for Fleet and even a mysterious new ship turn-up. With all this in mind, we at TTCombat just wanted to take a moment to go over our staff’s favourite releases this year.

Dropfleet Commander 2-Player Starter

This year we brought out an updated Dropfleet Commander 2-Player starter which contained our latest rulebook. Current, new and returning Dropfleet players picked up this latest starter which included unique ships for both Scourge and UCM which could be incorporated into pre-existing fleets. The previous 2-Player starter remained out-of-stock longer than we wanted so are happy to say that the current generation won’t be going anywhere.

The Anomaly 

A mysterious ship appeared in a combat zone this year. Little is known about this cruiser-sized ship which ran dark and gave off no known signature. All attempts to hail her failed. Most importantly, No conventional life signs were detected but spectral analysis suggests the presence of organic matter. What did all of this mean? A pretty badass event exclusive miniature which was truly unique.

UCM Titania Cruisers

Available as part of the new Dropfleet Commander 2-Player starter, we released the UCM Titania Cruisers in blister for those who just wanted the new sculpts. We really loved working on this pair in the office this year and thats primarily down to them being single piece ships. Whenever we can release a product that can go straight to paint is always a pro. Also since these were just updated sculpts, players didn’t need to learn new rules or stats.


Finally, the PHR Space Station was a great addition to the faction. Whilst their homeworld remains a complete mystery, this Space Station allowed the PHR to establish a stronger foothold on Tlalocan. An elegant design was only the beginning as this kit could be built as a Defence Halo or Orbital Spire.

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