RUMBLESLAM 2022 Review

What a year it’s been for everything RUMBLESLAM! Countless new Wrestlers have entered the ring so here are our staff picks.

Welcome to our review for RUMBLESLAM 2022 and its been a great year for Wrestling fans. A HUGE amount of Wrestlers stripped down to their undercrackers and began brawling this year so we thought it be a good time to have a roundup. With so much new content, this is just a list of our personal favourite releases this year.

Sonja Proudbeard

2022 saw a dwarf unlike any other join Kaisers Palace. Sonja Proudbeard brought a hint of colour to the Dwarven lineup who aren’t usually know for their rainbow coloured beards. With over a decades experience, the RUMBLESLAM world was amazed to learn that one of Kaiser’s most decorated fighters was indeed a woman. An advocate for others to be proud in who they are, Sonja once threw a fan out of the casino for suggesting she shave her beard!

Jack of all Hearts 

A heartthrob who bedazzled the Keep throughout 2022, this year really did belong to Jack of all Hearts. Presenting the crowd with gifts of roses helped to win over the crowd and having cupid as your manager doesn’t hurt either. We’re always grateful for RUMBLESLAM fans reception to our miniatures but the love shown for Jack exceeded all our expectations!

Tin Khan 

Tin Khan claimed the Diamond Oasis in 2022! In fact the entire province bent the knee to this automaton. Hugely popular with RUMBLESLAM fans, we often see him popping up in the ring and reckon thats down to his Heavy Metal passive ability.

One Thousand and One Fights 

Multiple cats headed to RUMBLESLAM this year and made the Diamond Oasis their home. Starting the trend was One Thousand and One Fights. This new team added some truly unique characters (even by RUMBLESLAM standards) but none could compete with Cosmic Cat in our eyes. Made from smoke and stars, this feline exists outside of space and time as we know it.

Sir Scratch Flagon

Weighing 150Ilbs in that suit of armour, Sir Scratch Flagon is a mighty mouse and is an honourable rodent amongst rats. Fighting amongst the other Wrestlers in the Feral Den, Scratch brought an insane amount of Defence to your teams this year and his Skittering Shield ability proved more than useful at taking damage for friendly Wrestlers.

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