Teaser Tuesday – Carnevale 2022 Review

2022 is rapidly coming to an end and we’re winding down the year by reviewing some of this year’s biggest Carnevale releases.

Welcome to this week’s not so Teaser Tuesday and we’ve not got long left until Christmas day is upon us. Seriously, it’s a little scary how fast this year has gone by here at TTCombat. In true TTCombat fashion, we’re winding down releases for December and wanted to take this time to cover some of our favourite Carnevale releases. Therefore, please enjoy our staff picks for 2022.

Blood On The Water

This year saw the biggest expansion Carnevale had ever seen in the form of Blood on The Water. The game’s first campaign expansion co-written by Gav Thorpe, this book introduced a new narrative that delved deeper into each faction’s story. Containing additional new rules for advanced players, the book also offered 15 new scenarios, beautiful artwork, and updated rules to launch players into the current iteration of the game.

Flame The Burns Underwater 

An agent for the Rent, The Flame That Burns Underwater had undergone a huge transformation in 2022. No longer a large lady riding upon the back of an Octopus, the Flame merged with her mount and became this villain. A powerful mage capable of dealing with anyone foolish enough to enter her attack range.

Maria Fioritura & Painted Protectors

Venice is home to many artists and if we’re being honest it’s not a surprise since the Renaissance originated in Italy. Maria Fioritura is also known as ‘The Artist’ and arrived in Venice this year with an updated sculpt and painted protectors.  Replacing the original Kickstarter miniature, we felt this update better represented the character with her drawing the paint from the pallet.

Venetian Privateers

The Venetian Privateers is an entire Patrician gang and an admirals dream if you want to take Carnevale to the Adriatic (Made easier thanks to this year’s MDF Boats). Led by one of our favourite miniatures for 2022, the Noble Admiral is in command and leads this rabble band into battle.

Guardians of Malta

First mentioned in Blood on the Water, the Siege of Malta saw devastation and a huge siege battle. Not many humans survived this battle but those who did make their way to Venice this year. Containing lots of unique miniatures, everyone in the office and Carnevale community fell in love with The Angel of the Blooded Rose. Arguably the best Carnevale miniature of 2022, it seems everyone who plays the game has come across the character.


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