New Savage Domain Terrain has been released

Would you dare climb the tallest tower in the Savage Domain realm? Be warned plucky adventurer as the stairs were destroyed long ago and there’s no lift…

Welcome to this week’s new release article where we’ll be venturing into the Savage Domain with two new releases. Fantasy Realms MDF hasn’t received new terrain pieces for a while now so we hope you enjoy the BIGGEST kit yet.

Savage Domain: The Midnight Tower

Ah hello adventures and welcome to the mystical ‘Midnight Tower’… who knows what tasks will await you inside. I do hope that you like climbing as following the evil wizards disappearance the tower has fallen into disrepair so you’ll have to use the ladders to ascend the structure. This will likely prove difficult as the Midnight Tower is the largest FSC kit ever and even has a smaller tower to go with it! Made from 3mm MDF and designed for 28-32mm wargames, you best be brave as this kit will take patience and skill to conquer.

You can explore the Midnight Tower today for £30.

Savage Domain: Courtyard Accessories 

Hello Barbarian and welcome to our town! Whilst the Savage Domain tends to be dangerous, it doesn’t mean we can’t have nice things. Therefore we present to you the Courtyard Accessories. Perfect for filling your tabletop with a touch of realism, you will find a Drinking fountains, a water fountain and two fine sculptures.

You can purchase the Savage Domain Courtyard Accessories today for £8.

That’s it for today! If your a running an event or a store that stocks TTCombat products, make sure you reach out and we’ll feature you on Sunday Spotlight. 

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