Venetian Dice Tower Rooftop Garden

Gambling is a popular pastime in Venice but ever since the City Guard increased their cut, the citizens of the canals have gotten inventive.

Welcome to the first Monday Motivation of August 2022 and we’ll be looking at a Venetian Dice Tower by Findlay Redpath. Ideal for rolling dice without causing an argument, dice towers are a common sight on a Carnevale tabletop but not many have been this heavily customized. Now sporting a rooftop garden and sculpted stonework, let’s admire this unique piece of terrain.

Venetian Dice Tower

Firstly, a lot of work has gone into creating this peaceful garden with the upper roof sections filled in before Findlay added the small sculptures. The textured floor came from Green Stuff World and the lattice is a plastic canvas. We like to idea of adding a rooftop garden to a Streets of Venice kit but didn’t expect to see it on this kit. Secondly, Findlay answered our concerns as the rooftop is fully removable so the dice tower still functions.

With all the beautiful stonework of Venice and the canals flowing through the city, you’d be forgiven for missing out on the gardens of Venice. Therefore it’s nice to see a large amount of foliage atop this building. Findlay has done a great job filling his garden with vibrant plants and the top netting is a great touch for shade.  Finally, the whole piece has been painted nicely and would easily blend in with colour and tones often present on Carnevale boards.

Thanks for sharing this with us Findlay!

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