To Many Sleepless Nights

Welcome to this week’s Monday Motivation and we are issuing a heat-wave health alert for the citizens enjoying Carnevale.

It’s HOT! Curse Dagon it is too damn hot right now! With the nation experiencing a heat wave you can understand that some people are having some sleepless nights, none more so than the Sleepless Undead. Boiling behind the walls of the Ospedale, these writhing Undead have taken to the streets of Venice with the support of Silvia (Followtheblacksheep).

Sleepless Undead

Just look at them! Some have even removed their skin to chill the bones lurking beneath… Silvia has done some previous work on TTCombat miniatures and her recent effort might be the best yet. Necromancy is an awful act but when the results can look this good, you can forgive her devious actions. The Sleepless Undead is the Doctor’s latest gang so we’re excited to see some painted results arrive at TTCombat.

The Towering Monstrosity is a twisted abomination that you’d hate to meet or smell. This completion of random body parts creates one of Carnevale’s deadliest creatures which Silvia has painted beautifully. In particular, the rust on the enlarged blade is a great idea, as are the metallic staples holding the torso together.

The Master of Necromantic Studies is a delight with her deadly syringes and horned mask. Her apron is a bloody mess the fluorescent paint is a nice touch.  I only wish this miniature was on a cobblestone base as the doctors aren’t known for their love of living foliage.

Finally, we have Silvia’s Husk. These poor citizens have been experimented on, tortured, and disfigured into the living dead. This Husk is suffering from compound fractures, infections and at some point somebody decided to impale it with a rod. Thankfully, he doesn’t seem to bothered as he’s smiling! Or at least his festival mask is.


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