Welcome to the French Quarter

Come and escape the UK’s rising temperature by taking a trip with us to the even hotter French Quarter for some beneighs and Gumbo.

Welcome to this week’s Teaser Tuesday where we have arrived in a city on the South Lands by the river. While you won’t be able to hear any of the French Quarter’s famous Jazz music you may become victim to some voodoo if you linger too long in the city.

Bourbon Avenue

Take a walk down Bourbon Avenue and join us in our world but beware of the back alleys or else you’ll meet our friends on the other side! Full of history and located in the heart of the French Quarter, these buildings have seen the best and worse of the city pass by but their timeless Creole-style looks will never go out of fashion.

Auberge Beaumont

Come inside and sit down at our tables and put your mind at ease! We’ve got Voodo, hoodoo and things that we’ve not even tried because at the Auberge Beaumont you can meet our friends on the other side… This historic building has a fully usable interior and works great with Bourboun Avenue.

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