Secret Weapon – Update

A response to the latest TLDR Secret Weapon Statement.

1. I have been made aware of another pack of lies posted by Justin McCoy of Secret Weapon Miniatures. I honestly will not waste my time reading it and hope to make our response far easier for interested parties to read.
2. Our discussions with Justin regarding purchasing SW (and then later a license deal) only began once Justin had emailed us to announce SW closure 28 Feb 2021. This email is added below. His attempts to blame us for his closure are disgusting.
3. Before this (in 2019) we had loosely agreed a partnership in which we would make bases in the UK paying Justin a royalty on sales. SW were excited to announce this. Screen capped below. This never actually progressed.
4. Justin has chopped up irrelevant prior emails from initial conversations to try and suit his narrative in his statement. We had to switch from the idea of purchase to a license agreement as Justin required money immediately. These final emails, in full, are attached below.
5. After our first payment, Justin needed another much sooner than forecast. We agreed to this as we were offered paint etc to sweeten the deal considering we were investing so much into making moulds for the bases. Justin has no purchase order from us for the ‘$50,000 of stock’ he sent us. The cost price of this is of course SIGNIFICANTLY lower. We have still to this day not sold a single item from this and offered to return them if Justin covered the costs of our moulds. Currently that offer remains.
6. We noted on both $10,000 payments what they were for. These are shared below. If Justin shares them unedited from his side they will state the same.
7. Still, there is no evidence from Justin that US Bank has repossessed his IP. All we see is this seemingly never ending going out of business sale (Running for almost a year to date)
8. Still Justin has not provided any evidence of a purchase order to Reaper Miniatures or Every Little War or indeed any trace as to where the money from the HD bases campaign was spent.
9. We continue to sell the product we made during our licensed production period. We have not made a profit on this.
10. I hope this makes everything as clear as it can possibly be as I do not wish to spend any more time defending my company against complete, and utter, bullshit.
Louis Simpson

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  1. I wish all y’all the best of luck. This dude seems to be hellbent on dragging you through the mud despite near and complete radio silence on his Facebook and Kickstarter pages. I did a bit of snooping and he’d go months in between updates.

    Try to go the high road as much as possible, though. Leave the bovine excrement and angst on your slack, keep it profesh on the site.

    Best of luck!

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