New Release – Growing Stack City

New releases have arrived in the TTCombat store! It’s time to expand your futuristic gaming tabletop with some new Sci-Fi Gothic terrain.

Welcome to our New Release post for this week and we are happy to say that our futuristic MDF Terrain range has expanded. With today’s releases, you can expect to visit Stack City.

Condo Stacks

The Luxury housing of Stack City and the Condo Stacks are the closest you’ll get to privacy in an overpopulated world. Life is all about the luxuries of having your own stairs or even a private balcony! We know you couldn’t ask for more in this world. The Condo Stacks are individual buildings that can be arranged into a single larger structure or spread across a tabletop. Combine this kit with others from the Stack range to assemble Stack City.

Made from 3mm MDF, you can purchase the Condo Stacks today for £28.

Snack Stacks

Some of the finest food you’ll ever taste can be found at the Snack Stacks. Maybe don’t look too closely at the chef’s special or ask why the bread is moving by itself. Granted if you have the funds, you can dine at the Quick Serve Stacks however times are tough so the poor must make do with the food on offer here. Each building has been designed with easily accessible interiors and structures that can be spread out across the board.

You can pick up this MDF kit today for £16.

Stack City Accessories

If you visiting Stack City, please try to avoid being distracted by the pretty signs. By the time you’ve come back to your senses you’ll find your credits, phone and weapons have been pickpocketed. This kit is perfect for those wishing to add some realism to their tabletop. With air ducts, walkways, signage, and barricades your city will be complete.

Made from 3mm MDF and Acrylic, you can purchase the Stack City Accessories today for £12.


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