Some brand new releases are arriving in the TTCombat store today! If you’ve been living off in the Shaltari homeworlds or a UCM prison then you might have missed the big Dropzone news.

How many years has it been? Thanks to a global pandemic and working from home for so long, we started to lose count, but the day has finally arrived. We are proud to say that Behemoths are making their way into Dropzone Commander with the PHR and Scourge models today!

The Behemoths are the largest Dropzone models to date and these monsters are getting people excited. We’re going to be starting these titans’ arrivals with the PHR & Scourge. Thankfully for all you Shaltari, Resistance, and UCM fans you won’t need to wait for long as we’re predicting a Dropzone Summer filled with dice rolling, laser shooting, and maybe some world-conquering FIREPOWER!

UCM will be receiving their Behemoths next, with Shaltari and Resistance shortly after. As these are the biggest kits we’ve ever made, releasing them all at the same time was quite impossible! But there won’t be any other Dropzone releases between the Behemoths, so it really won’t be long until everyone joins the giant walker battles.

PHR Behemoth

Firstly, the Type-7 Grand Walkers are the largest constructs fielded by the PHR to date. Bringing hulking armour and devastating firepower to the battlefield, it will be hard to take one of these out of action. Therefore followers of the White Sphere will want to fully utilise their Behemoths set up to reflect their play style. This kit comes ready to build one of two variants each with its unique features.


Armed with a matching pair of R7X-1 Railguns, the Chronus will be capable of tearing holes through opponents’ inferior (in PHR eyes) Behemoths. In case you are wondering, the R7X-1 is twice the size of the previously deadly Tiamat Railguns. Furthermore, the Chronus class is equipped with Stealth-X Missile Clusters and R7X-5 Rotary Cannons. These additional armaments make cutting down waves of Vehicles and Infantry easy. And if that wasn’t enough, a set of ridiculously massive Nova Missiles will do the trick.


Whilst not sporting a pair of Railguns, the Tethys is not outgunned. Armed with twin R7X-2 Sunglaives, these powerful weapons can be overcharged to deliver devastating damage.  Additionally, the Tethys also uses  R7X-66 Incinerators to make light work of any infantry. Finally, the crucial White Nanomachine Colony keeps this Behemoth functioning long after damage should have made it inoperable.

This resin miniature is an advanced kit and contains 40 parts allowing a wide range of customization. The PHR Behemoth is available to pre-order today for £95.


A Scourge Behemoth is an enormous, tentacled monstrosity the likes of which earthlings couldn’t have imagined before the war began. These terrifying constructs have protruding tentacles capable of reaching into and around buildings to snatch soldiers to join the Scourge ranks (or tear them apart limb from limb). This kit comes ready to assemble one of two unique variants.


Kitted out with some truly classic Scourge weaponry, the Tyrant class Scourge Behemoth is a deadly walker. Four individual Heavy Plasma Cannons have increased damage and range over those found on smaller Scourge units whilst the Bio-Cannon eclipses entire sections of the battlefield, melting anyone that lingers in its goopy glob.

Both Behemoths also have a bunch of Seeker Lashes, able to eviscerate infantry hidden away, or pull apart heavy battle tanks as well.


Equally as deadly as a Tyrant, the Scourge Dictator’s arms are loaded with Static Accelerators. These strange weapons are capable of tearing through even the thickest armour, often ignoring the Energy roll entirely! An Arc Maw is a terrifying perversion of arc technology, grounding its bursts in nearby targets, causing a chain reaction of energy to leap around the battlefield.

This resin miniature is an advanced kit and contains 48 parts allowing a wide range of customization. The Scourge Behemoth is available to pre-order today for £95.

It’s an exciting time to be playing Dropzone Commander but let’s move on to cover some Fantasy Realms products releasing today!

Ogre Tents & Cages

A tent village made from the flesh of animals? Let’s go with animals and not human pelts. This set comes with 1 large chieftains tent, 4 smaller tents, 2 beast cages, fences, and braziers. Designed for 28-32mm Tabletop gaming these Ogre Tents & Cages set is perfect for filling out a fantasy board and providing a home for your wandering Ogres.

You can pick up this set today for £12. To clarify: it’s actually MDF and not animal pelts!

Archery Range

The perfect place to train your forces, the Archery Range has arrived. Thanks to its central large tower, this set provides a perfect vantage point to put those bow handling skills into practice. This tower has been designed with modular slots along the floor to allow for connections with products from our Siege of the Smallfolk Kickstarter.

Designed for 25-32mm Tabletop Gaming, you can pick up the Archery Range today for £12.

Timber House Set

If you’re looking to fill out a bustling town with even more cramped housing then the Timber House Set is perfect for you. This set contains 4 multi-story buildings designed for 28-32mm fantasy tabletop gaming. Like the Archery Range, this set has been designed with modular slots along the floor to allow for connections to products from our Siege of the Smallfolk Kickstarter.

This MDF set can be purchased today for £16.



Blacksmiths are always in high demand in any fantasy world! So why not set up your forge and teach them, devious Dwarves, a lesson in smithing? This set is a functional multi-story building with additional pieces to customize your board. Designed for 25-32mm tabletop gaming the Blacksmith would make a great addition to any Fantasy/RPG board.

You can pick up this MDF kit today for £12.

That’s it! We hope everyone has a great weekend and don’t forget to check back on Monday for the latest Monday Motivation.

Looking for your next hobby project? Want something to build and paint? Remember to check out the TTCombat Webstore as you may find your next project there! If you’re planning on ordering these and painting them up, or have any other painted TTCombat scenery, make sure to send photos of your finished kits to and we will post them up for Monday Motivation!


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