Monday Motivation – TTCombat Staff Miniature Contest

Its time for the last Monday Motivation of April so we thought we’d be selfish by showing off our amazing staffs work.

Our amazing staff love miniatures! We just can’t get enough of them here at TTCombat. Now, with this in mind, we have our in-house contests where our team gets to let their hair down and get to claim some bragging rights.

The theme of our latest contest was Gaming… I know it was a bit vague but that was the plan. Gaming means a lot to different people so the crafty organizer left this one open to interpretation and we certainly got a range of entries.  So without wasting more time we’ll get started with the winning entry.


”The champ is here, the champion is in the building!” Yeah, Laura was a bit chuffed to have taken her first victory in our contest but we can’t blame her. A lot of work has gone into this No Man’s Sky diorama which unlike the game itself stuck the landing upon release. The new champ had the following to say when she stopped streaking through the warehouse,

”When I heard the theme for this month’s painting competition was games, I knew instantly I wanted to create a No Man’s Sky Diorama. This is only the third miniature project I have done, so I’m thrilled to have come in 1st place”.

Laura used an abundance of TTCombat products including an Underworld Portal, Cyber Relics, Swamp Golems, a Tempest Intercepter and some Maulers. Furthermore, whilst it’s hard to see through the picture; Laura’s portal had an LED light installed to illuminate the portal which is a fantastic touch.


For any fans of the TTCombat stream, you should be able to recognise Mark’s work.  Having taken inspiration from a random other fantasy game with bears, tsars and ice queens (you know the one), these Shield Maiden Halflings were born.  Having taken the Gaming brief as tabletop, Mark has done a great job painting up these little warriors. I love the ginger hair conformity that’s in play which really stands out against the blackened armour. Moreover these little Little Skjarrian were painted up in only 24hrs.

Matt W

I reckon Matt fancies himself Hunter of Monsters and having ventured into an ancient forrest he found this feathered Wyvern. A LOT OF GREEN STUFF is on display here to turn this Cockatrice into this majestic tongue flapping giant. The most impressive aspect of this build is the head which was sculpted by hand. Also it is worth making note of the vibrant colour scheme which matches his inspiration from the game.

Matt G

Having teleported to Carnevale, the Standard Headcrab has been causing a kinds of issue. Therefore the doctors were called in to investigate this new abomination but we all know what there like. Matt has used a Fauna Dagger to create the head crab which has burrowed its way into a Female Hollowman’s skull, taking over its new host. I loved how bloody looking the whole scene is, especially the torso.

Thanks for all your hard work guys! The prep for the next painting contest has already begun and we’re looking forward to what the team do with ‘Survive’ as their brief. 

If you have a project you want to start or add to your tabletop setup. Then make sure you head over to the TTCombat webstore for a wide range of miniatures and scenery. If you have anything of ours that you’d like to see featured as a Monday Motivation post. Please send us some photos to


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