Teaser Tuesday S1E142

Welcome back to episode 142 of Teaser Tuesday, I’m your host, Joseph and we have a little something for all you RUMBLESLAM fans alongside some bits for all you City Streets board builders!

Thats right, we’re starting off this week with RUMBLESLAM. The ring is about to get messy with this team. Joining The Feral Den please welcome the Rotten Rodents!


These rats are no joke, coming in with three WEIGHT 1s, two WEIGHT 2s and a WEIGHT 3. Granted, one of the WEIGHT 1s is a tiny rat, but it still counts.

From the little Sewer Rat to the hulking Rodentia Bubonica, this team has a lot to offer! Throw vials with the Ralchemist or challenge your opponent to honourable combat with the Mole Rat Pugilist. The Ring Rat will cheer your team onto victory, and the Dusk Runner will hide out the way and strike when your opponent is most vulnerable with shocking speed!

These wrestlers mean business, bringing in a new playstyle to RUMBLESLAM with a new mechanic: Poison tokens. Each rat here has a different way to use them, but we won’t be telling just yet (check back on later in the week for a rules deep dive).

Instead I will show you one of the Superstars that also be available to pre-order alongside them.


Just look at this guy, full armour for the ring and wearing shades inside; too cool for school. Not only is he built like a tank but he will also support your team with his Skittering Shield ability and he will look good doing it! That’s all that I can show for now, check back Friday for the rest.

Did I say “the rest”? That’s right, we actually have a total of four furry new Superstars coming your way this week. Feral Den players are in for a major treat!


Not too long ago we updated the Parking Lot and now we’re destroying it. The Ruined Parking Lot has seen better days. Left un-attended for a while now, time has taken its toll on it. This multi-storey adds great elevation to any board.

That’s all we have to show you for this week’s Teaser Tuesday, don’t forget to check back on Friday for all the week’s releases. Remember to stop by the TTCombat webstore for all your hobby needs and we will see you next time!

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