Monday Motivation – Nattering with a Newborn Strigoi

Welcome to Monday Motivation! With Blood on the Water just around the corner (on pre-order now) we’re keeping the Carnevale ball rolling today’s post!

New Orleans is famous for being a central hub to the supernatural, however some deadly new residents have arrived from Carnevale. This week’s edition is possible thanks to Stefan Hansson and their diorama. We spotted Stefan’s work on instagram so make sure you check out their channel here.

If you haven’t already guessed, Stefan has been inspired by ‘Interview with the Vampire’ or what we’re calling, ‘Nattering with a Newborn Strigoi’. Yes, our title is much more catchy. We really love this little book nook and found the level of detail fantastic. In particular we loved the mud and floral terrain visible between the decaying walkway.

The Newborn Strigoi looks fantastic with his blood stained fingers whilst the onlooking Noble makes for a great Lestat de Lioncourt. We honestly did not expect to see someone crossover our Strigoi miniatures with Anne Rice’s novel but the results speak for themselves.

Thanks for all of your hard word work Stefan!

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