HUGE New Carnevale Releases

It’s new release Friday but more importantly today is the day! Weeks of hype have led to this moment: Blood on the Water has finally arrived.

I hope you’ve been keeping up to date with all the TTCommunity content we’ve been smashing out because Blood on the Water changes everything. New miniatures, rules, MDF and of course stories. So without wanting to ramble like one of Patriarch Bishop de Bernis sermons let’s jump into it.

Blood on the Water

112 pages of lore expanding, rule changing, and scenario playing awesomeness. Sounds pretty cool right? Developed by the twisted minds of returning authors Gav Thorpe, Lewis Clarke and new writer David LaPorta, this book contains:

  • Brand new stories! An ongoing narrative moves Venice into the new year. A lot is going on in the year 1795. The Guild and Patricians are battling over the fate of the Arsenale and Venice’s future as a military power. The Rashaar are invading the island of Malta as the remaining Hospitaller Knights try to hold firm and protect the people. Meanwhile the Doctors have been undergoing to devious new experiments that put them firmly in Vlad Dracula’s sights.
  • Beautiful art! This book is so full of amazing full-colour art by a whole slew of artists. It’s a visual wonder we know. You’ll be able to see returning characters and brand new ones rendered in incredible detail before your eyes.
  • An updated rulebook! That’s right, Blood on the Water contains the full Carnevale rules. In what we’re dubbing 2.2 of the rules, we’ve tweaked and changed a bunch of bits to make it the most engaging it’s ever been. Annoyances have been removed, and more new things have been added.
  • Brand new rules! In addition to the core rules, Blood on the Water contains loads of new, advanced rules for your games of Carnevale. Exclusive to this book, rules like Reactions provide new ways to play, while expanded scenery rules allow you to ride to battle in boats! There are also new ways to upgrade your gangs with new Equipment, unique Artifacts and the dangerous Ill Tides.
  • 15 new scenarios! Focusing on the three main conflicts, Blood on the Water allows you to fight the battles of the story. See if you can beat the protagonists and tell your own version of events with scenarios like none you’ve ever played before.

This amazing book is available to pre-order today for £15.

If you can’t wait to get playing Carnevale then you can find the digitial rulebook via the TTCombat webstore! Just click on Rescources and follow the Carnevale link. Its that easy. Alternatively you can just click here.

Item Cards

We wanted to expand your gameplay options and with this in mind, please welcome the Carnevale Item Cards. With these 33 new cards at your disposal, your gang is about to get a big upgrade.

  • Equipment You need a boat? Or perhaps a parachute? Well for the reasonable price of a couple Ducats its yours. These items have been reworked to be even easier to use than ever before.
  • Artifact cards give you a unique and powerful artifact to use in battle (Ts & Cs apply and one Artifact per gang). From weighted dice to a death mask to a suit of plate armour, there’s something for everyone.
  • Ill Tides are a brand new addition to your games, offering negative items! If you’re over your Ducat limit, your opponent can draw one or more of these cards to even the scales. Be wary: they usually happen at the most inopportune moment!

This must-have set of cards goes on sale today for only £6.

Unhinged Understudies

Get your tickets to see the matinee of a lifetime! The grandest of spectacles has descended upon the streets of Venice. This box contains a complete Gifted gang, full of unique characters. Led by La Signora whose flowing gown makes her hard to miss, whilst Mezzetino is always up for a fight. Coviello always has a song in his heart but ensure you listen otherwise we can’t be held responsible for his actions! If you do get distracted for more than a second you’d best check your ducat purse as Scapino is about. Finally weep a tear for the Innamorati, two star crossed lovers driven mad by the Rent!

You to can be an Unhinged Understudy for £25 today.


The Guild have their eyes set on the dockyards of the Arsenale, and the Harbourmaster is leading the charge! Luckily she’s not alone as two Mariners can always be found lending her a helping hand. Finally the gang is completed by the Fisherman and the Shipwright, whose thunderous strength is unleased when the hammers start flying.

Get yourself working down on the docks today for £25.

Feral Besiegers

Dagon looked down upon the Feral Besiegers and felt good. With these beasts at his followers’ command, humanities lives would be extinguished. Rashaar are bred to for the purpose of death; if it happens to be a gruelling grotesque death then all the better. Whilst we’re speaking of grotesque things have you met the Bulbous Toad? Perhaps you’ve been awestruck by the colossal Cymothoan Crusher! Either way just back away slowly and avoid the wall scaling Hellhounds.

Release Dagon’s newest bringers of death today for £25.

Venetian Navy

”Its a good life lads! Ships, sails and Sirenas…. what more could a Venetian need in life?”

The Patricians greed knows no limit which probably explains why they have financed a private navy. Fortunately this complete gang is led by a Sopracomito whose management of Ducats is well known. But theres no need to worry about him as a Naval Lieutenant (and his nock gun) keep vigil over the chest. The gang is filled out by the experienced Naval Ensign and two Naval Recruits!

Join the Venetian Navy today for £25!

Sleepless Undead

Necromancy should only be attempted by the most skilled individual, unless you’re a Doctor of the Ospedale. Now if you happen to be one of these manical madmen then feel free to raise all the dead you like.

This complete gang is lead by a Master of Necromantic Studies whose mysterious syringe transforms her minions into vampiric beasts. If you’re brave enough in attempting to end her undeath you’d best watchout for the pair of shambling Husks. However these reanimated bodies are nothing special when compared to the  towering Monstrosity whose frame is a patchwork of body parts. Finally a Doctor of Venesection has been cursed with an eternal life! It’s a shame about that lab assistant they brutalised but lets see them do it again with arms…. that’ll teach them.

You too can be the necromancer of your dreams (or nightmares) today for £25.

Knights Hospitaller

Fresh from their fight with the Rashaar besieging Malta, the Knights Hospitaller have disembarked in Venice. This box is a complete gang of knights who will defend the Vatican from the Rent itself if required. Led by the Knight Commander, the Rashaar best flee! However he has not come to Venice alone. A Paladin of Saint Lazarus, Two Knights of Malta and a trusty Maltesse Squire will defend the faith.

You can command this heavily armoured band of knights for £25.

Airborne Cannibals

It’s a bird! It’s a flying machine! No, it’s a Stryha Crone! RUN YOU FOOLS! The Strigoi have air support. Blending into her surroundings when not flying around the city, this new gang leader is lethal. But do not allow yourself to be distracted by this flying fiend or you could be overwhelmed by the pair of Harpies. These foul creatures used to be children but lord Vlad knows no mercy. A Strige is slightly more sane but just as deadly as any Strigoi, whilst the hulking Strzyga is proof that cannibalism is bad so don’t do it or else you to will become a muscle-clad brute.

The Strigoi take to the air today for £25.


It’s not just books and miniatures though, we also have scenery releases! After many hours of work, the Boats are finally ready. Also we’ve got a little something extra for all you resin terrain fans. 

Doctors Paddleboat

Will you just look at that Paddleboat? Well we wouldn’t expect anything less from the Doctors now would we? Not only do they have a sail but those scheming doctors have harnessed the power of steam to propel their boat towards the docks of Venice.

You can take your Doctors gang cruising for £14.

Guild Dhow

You’d best act quick and hide the cargo from the customs officals. I honestly don’t know why they like to pick on the guild members! The Guild Dhow is the perfect way to transport cargo to Venice whilst sitting safe underneath the rear canopy. This set is made from MDF and even has its own sail.

You can purchase the Guild Dhow today for £14.

Patrician Brig

Now this is special. It doesn’t matter how many of those peasants died constructing this boat as it is truly worthy of the ruling class. This beautiful boat is a must own for any Patricians player as only they can be allowed to have the grandest watercraft in Venice!

You can rig the Patrician Brig today for £16.

Rashaar Schooner

Scaley looking creatures to the brig! Fleshy looking humans get on the deck and wave to the crowds so they don’t suspect anything! This twin sailed boat will be put to good use by the followers of Dagon and thanks to its floating cages might just catch a Morgraur!

Your Rashaar gang can take to the water without getting wet for £14.

Strigoi Schooner

Years ago the Vatican started a rumor that the Strigoi couldn’t cross running water. Well if that was the case they wouldn’t have constructed a boat, right? With a grand sail flapping from the mast hopefully nobody will ask about the floating confins being towed behind the stern. This MDF kit is fantastic and even comes with multiple coffins that make great floating detritus!

Your Strigoi can glide across the water today for £16.

Vatican Cog

Finally we have one of the boats that brought the Knights of Malta to Venice, the Vatican Cog. This slow but sturdy boat is a floating fortress which is pretty fitting since its ideal for transporting knights. Made from MDF and capable of being rigged you’ll be hard set to find a more fitting vessel for the Vatican.

You can transport your holy forces today for £14.

All of our boats are made from MDF and come with MDF sails and an option for sail loops so you can rig them with string and cloth if desired. They even have their own rules in Blood on the Water!

Venetian Dockyard Accessories

”I’ll take a barrel of kippers. No said kippers not corspses oh never mind my husband won’t be able to tell the difference anyway.”

Take a stroll down to the docks today and take in a deep breath of rotting air because there is more than fish in the barrels. If you’re looking to fill out your Carnevale board with new accessories then you’ve got to check out the Venetian Dockyard set. Made from resin and fitting perfectly with Blood on the Water, this set is a must buy. Containing 2 fish barrels, 2 fallen fish barrels, 2 barrel stacks, and 4 corpse barrels you’ll have even more objects to jump from.

You can purchase the Venetian Dockyard Accesories set today for £8.

Carnevale Website

Thats it! Blood on the Water is here and brings an abundance of goodies along with it. Now if you’re new to Carnevale or a returning fan, please ensure you checkout the games website which has had a recent makeover! The site is perfect for building gangs, learning lore and keeping up to date with rules.

You can find the website by clicking here.

Looking for your next hobby project? Want something to build and paint? Remember to check out the TTCombat Webstore as you may find your next project there! If you’re planning on ordering these and painting them up, or have any other painted TTCombat scenery, make sure to send photos of your finished kits to and we will post them up for Monday Motivation!

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