Important: Pricing and Stock Update

Today we have some new on upcoming pricing changes.

Unfortunately due to the rising cost of materials we have to increase the price of some of our products. Notably our MDF, which has remained without a price increase for years, is having to go up. Due to the cost of raw materials (anyone who has put up a fence in the last couple of years will know this!), it’s hitting wargaming too.


1st April 2022. We’ve managed to avoid putting up prices on older products for almost a decade now, but we’re afraid it’s time.

What’s Affected?

The price increases will affect almost all products from our MDF Tabletop Scenics ranges.

Some of the larger kits will remain at the same price, such as the Municipium board deals, which remain excellent value for running tournaments and practising for the London Grand Tournament. In addition, our Hobby Accessories range such as paint racks will stay the same cost for now, although we may have to review this range at a later date.

Resin miniatures from our Carnevale and RUMBLESLAM ranges will be affected, but luckily not too much.

Fantasy Heroes prices might also increase in the future bt are not presently. Dropzone and Dropfleet Commander will not be increasing in price at present.

How Much?

Mostly it will be bringing older kits in line with newer kits, so there won’t be too many surprises here.

Older £22 boxed sets will be increasing to £25 to match the newer releases, and the prices of some blisters are going to change. Starter sets will remain the same great value.

Independent retailers who stock our products should expect a full list shortly.


Finally, some of our MDF kits are being discontinued, so from today they will be moved to the Last Chance to Buy section of the webstore. These will be older kits from the following ranges:

  • City Streets
  • Fantasy Realms
  • Sci-Fi Gothic
  • Streets of Venice
  • Wild West (Original range)

Once these kits are sold out on the webstore, they will not be available to buy again.

We’ve made this decision to ensure we can focus on the remaining kits going forward, whilst developing new products. You might even see some of these older sets being redesigned from scratch, like the amazing new Wild West buildings.

We’re discontinuing several of the Modular Streets of Venice kits, but while they won’t be able to be purchased individually in the future we will be bundling them into sets (which will be better value) so they will thankfully not be gone forever. However, if you’re just after one or two missing buildings from your collection, get them now.

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