New Streets of Venice Releases

Its Friday so like always we are going to end the week with a New Release post.Have you been enjoying all the attention Carnevale has been receiving lately? Well we’re not ending yet! This week were gonna be looking at some new MDF terrain coming to our Street of Venice offerings.

San Canciano Block Streets

Have you heard the term glow up…No? well its not just reserved for teenage girls posting pictures to show off how they’ve finally grown into their dad’s nose. The cardboard tiles from our Escape from San Canciano have had a glow up. This set contains both large and small block street sections and is perfect for filling out a 2×2 tabletop with enough space for canals. Furthermore, this set was designed with our Sunken Buildings in mind.

You can purchase the San Canciano Block Streets set today for only £30!

Dorsuduro Block Streets

The Dorsuduro Block Streets has been designed to fill a 2×2 gaming board and of course theres plenty of space for buildings such as the Modular Procuratie Vicolo or Procuratie Angolo Veechie and their feet extensitions. This set offers a great chance to buy multiple streets as a bundle instead of individually.

From today you can purchase the Dorsuduro Block Streets for £30.

Venetian Construction Apparatus

So you want to climb that building faster? Use the Scaffold lift! Or maybe you’ve committed an awful murder atop a building and need a quick getaway? Thankfully you can use the ziplines! Comprising of Platforms, Ziplines, Winch clips and Scaffolds you soon will be traversing Venice in a new way.

This essential set for Blood on the Water is available here for only £10 so get building.

Blood on the Water is arriving soon so have you checked out our miniature reveal videos? Here’s today’s.

Exciting we know!

Looking for your next hobby project? Want something to build and paint? Remember to check out the TTCombat Webstore as you may find your next project there! If you’re planning on ordering these and painting them up, or have any other painted TTCombat scenery, make sure to send photos of your finished kits to and we will post them up for Monday Motivation!

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